Question of the Week (4): TV streaming apps


What TV streaming apps are you using? Which services have the best channel selection and price?


I’ve tried Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and Directv Now. I liked PlayStation Vue for use across multiple devices and channel selection (app performance also seemed better than the rest). When Comcast came up with a Roku app I abandoned them all. I’m still a Comcast cable customer, and ultimately just use their app to stream. I’ve wanted to try YouTube TV, but I don’t think it’s ever going to get to my market.

Long ago I used a WinTV card in my home computer to stream to my phone and remote computers (I think that was back in the RW Optimus S days). It worked pretty well (but crashed occasionally).



Have done some “free trials” of some others but it’s been a while. Starting to tire of Netflix though, so it might be time to start shopping around again.


I use Emby. I have a HDHomeRun CableCard network tuner so I can stream and record my Comcast cable.

I have tried a few streaming services like PS Vue and Philo. Don’t care for them.

U just can’t beat the convenience and power of your own DVR/Media Server setup.
I record DRM free local files of anything on TV that i can easy trim out commercials and keep(or share).


What didn’t you like about Philo? I am considering signing up for their service or SET TV which is $20 for 500 channels including HBO.


I really question the legality of Set TV. How do they provide that many channels for that price?


I’m not sure, their website looks legit though


Agreed. Chances are slim to none that Set TV is legit. Their address appears to be a UPS Store. If you look up information on the managing members listed in the BBB information…well…I would steer clear.


:open_mouth: I have a friend who recommended them. Thanks for the info!


Philo. u get 48hrs free trial no payment info required…u just have to sign up with a phone number to get a text to…(i used my google voice number). Only works in Chrome or FF. Terrible design guide. the player GUI is terrible full screen fade effect when u hover over anywhere on the screen. The stream quality is good though.

Biggest thing i hate about Philo though, they force u to watch the all commercials, every time u want to seek the video before or after a com break. well…i guess u get what u pay for…$20 for 46 channels…gotta compromise somewhere. Though i do like how all of the current airing shows is automatically buffered in their online cloud so u always start at the beginning of the show. and can switch to live if u want…after the forced commercials of course.