Question of the week (6): Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Recently Amazon announced they are raising the yearly rate of Amazon Prime from $99 to $119 starting May 11. Does anyone use Amazon Prime? If so, do you find the subscription valuable?


Yes. Yes. and oh yea, Yes.

We buy pretty much everything for our family through Amazon. I’m sure that my 2-day shipping cost Amazon far more than $120/yr.


I love it, mostly because I’m impatient, so the 2 day free shipping is awesome. Even comes on Sundays! They have great deals for impulse shoppers like me.

It’s nice using Prime Music with my Echo Dot (which is connected via bluetooth to big speakers). The Prime Video is great. Lots of movies and documentaries, and some very good series. I’ve been buying some staple items now that are cheaper than at the supermarket, too. I connected my membership to my dad’s account as well, so he and mom get the free shipping too.

I lucked out timing-wise, too. My membership this year renews on May 2, so I don’t have to pay the increase this year. :grinning:


If you shop at Amazon a lot and use any of the Amazon video, music, or Kindle services it’s probably worth it. We share the Prime membership among family members, so it makes the cost a bit more palatable.


In my opinion, it depends on how frequently you use it, and whether you use the additional things it provides outside of free shipping.

For my family, it is worth it for the shipping alone. I’m the same as @louisdi - almost everything my wife & I buy is from Amazon. Especially around birthdays and Christmas.


Besides the savings on shipping there are also a couple of other advantages I can think of

  • Amazon will pay .5% of your purchase price to a charity of your choice … see Amazon Smile
  • This provides a nationwide distribution system to many small local business that would never reach beyond their local market … see Amazon Prime for Small Business

it really comes down to how much you buy and if you use all the bells and such.
for someone that does not shop/buy a lot, or use the other things, no…
value for money, as they say…


for my family it’s worth it ($10 a month is not that much)
we order enough that the 2 day shipping is worth it
We do use Prime Video (but we use Netflix more) My son watch both Prime and Netflix for the kid videos more than My wife and I do)
I use Prime Music as my Main Music app
and we are in process of moving our pics to the Amazon Cloud (Prime Photos) as a backup in case Flickr stops meeting our needs (which only time will tell with the sale to Smugmug though I have better hopes with them than the Verizon own Oath)


Worth it for us. Reasons:

  1. Free shipping (obvious). We have kids and grandkids all over the country and we like to shop for them. Their addresses are alternate shipping locations on the site so buying something for them is usually a 1-click process.
  2. Easy (maybe too easy) to find exactly what you are looking for. Need a cabin air filter for your 3-year-old car? Just put in the model, make and year and you can have the filter next day. Too easy because it can discourage you from shopping around for better price.
  3. Republic BYOP and SIM cards available. (last time I looked, anyway.) That means as early as tomorrow you can get a replacement phone with SIM with cheap next-day (sometimes same day) shipping.
  4. Prime Music. I can ask Alexa to play anything from the Beatles to a Beethoven concerto and it’s probably in the Prime library.
  5. Kindle books. With the Kindle owners lending library, and Prime First reads, I get at least 2 free books a month.
  6. Prime Video. I’m usually busy reading my Prime books and listening to Prime music, but other family members enjoy the free videos. I just wish I could convince them to stick with the free videos.

I use Prime, it renewed several months ago. When it’s time for the next renewal I will have to revaluate my expenses. I’ll renew at the higher charge, if by then I have discontinued Dish TV. As things keep increasing here and there, my income doesn’t increase proportionally. So little by little I eliminate things, such as landline, hairdresser, eating out and Dish TV is next on the list of expendables.

Some have mentioned the free 2 day shipping. I used to like this feature, but lately, for whatever reason my packages are delayed and never arrive within the 2 days. In the past I used to keep a list of what I was going to purchase from Amazon and when I reached the minimum for free shipping I would place the order. So this 2 day shipping really doesn’t hold a lot of value for me.

So right now I’m on the fence regarding renewing Prime or not renewing when the time comes.


a little hack I’ve seen is that if a package is late and you ask they will give a month of prime free (this is 2 days after fulfillment)


Used to be. but not anymore for me.

At the current price, one would have to have at least 4 orders per month (1 a week) inorder to break even with the standard shipping total shipping cost.

One thing that greatly annoys me though, I have a huge Amazon Warehouse/Fulfillment center 20 miles from me. Most items on the site are same day or next day delivery for me with Prime.
Non Prime order, it sits untouched for a week and a half, then they actually ship it and the package arrives the next day.

I used to order things alot on Amazon. They are the best for cheap tings like phone cases and cables, and other things that normal retail stores charge 3x for, or don’t even stock.

Had too many issues with deliveries for a long time. Especially their own horrific “Amazon Logistics” delivery carrier. Basically Uber like package delivery. They just hire any one off the street to do that. Most folks I had that actually contacted me to give me package, did not speak English. Most of the time, the packages were left with no attempt to contact me, in public areas of my apartment complex and stolen or severely damaged. A few times, we found Amazon packages for my complex sitting on the Public Bus bench that is out on the street in front of the building.

Now I see this notice on many items on Amazon that states they are now recording and tracking items Serial Numbers with some company so that they can trace and detect if an item is lost/stolen if it is used or resold…to help cut back on fraud.


No, the only reason I have prime is because as a student if you buy Prime Student you get discounts on textbooks, and you get access to Twitch Prime of course. I don’t make the necessary 12 purchases a year to recuperate the shipping prices.


I got Prime through Student as well, several years ago for $49 a year…was only supposed to last 4yrs. But, for some unknown reason, even they notifying me that my 4yrs was up…the Student price continued for 2 more years. Then it was $99.

Yeah, we did that a few times, but when the packages are always late it ceases to be worth it. We’ve dropped Amazon Prime and we don’t miss it. I think the difference (at least in my area) is that Amazon used to ship 2-day via UPS, FedEx, or OnTrac (wonderful OnTrac that sometimes gets two day packages there in just one day… :grin:), but now they use the USPS almost exclusively, and it’s just not the same. Amazon’s customer support has really gone downhill, too.

My suggestion would be to shop on or even Both of those offer a large number of items with free 2 day shipping once your order reaches $35. And even the non-2-day items from the other guys tend to arrive as quickly as Amazon’s “2-day”. Granted, there are times when something will be in my cart for a couple days to hit that $35 mark. On the other hand, Jet’s customer support is simply amazing.

So far, we’ve found that there are better alternatives for almost every service that you get through Amazon Prime. I’d recommend shopping around.


No. Not even for $50 (Prime Student). It’s really not worth that much. Usually you can find the same items on eBay for maybe a few dollars more (or less) that also have free shipping. Sure, it may not be fast, but it ultimately saves me money. I would rather use that $50 on something else.

We have Prime until my subscription runs out then I’m not renewing. They re only about filling their pockets with profits after the company’s sales reached $51 billion, which is a 43 percent increase over last year. Its net income was $1.6 billion. Amazon also announced on Thursday that its annual Prime membership fee is going up to $119 a year from $99. Company executives said that the 20 percent hike is due to higher costs to maintain the program, such as shipping fees. More like they need to pad the investors pockets.

I’ve found it well worth the price:

  1. Order anything I need and have it delivered within 2 days. Waaaaay easier than going to the store.
  2. Random items that I would not know where to get, I can just order. Such as car parts, weird light bulbs, etc.
  3. Monthly subscribe and save provide me with an additional 15% savings, and I have my toilet paper, shampoo, and more delivered right to my door.
  4. Watch movies and shows. We have no cable or antenna. Only Amazon and Netflix.

I will admit that having everything conveniently shipped to your door is not always a good thing. I don’t shop around as much. I buy more things. I don’t think it’s good for the environment. Because of that, I’ve been cutting back on my Amazon purchasing/shipping usage, but will still renew my annual subscription later this month.


While I haven’t done the math, I believe it saves me money. It’s about a 20-mile round trip from my home to town and I probably take about 40 deliveries per year. I stream Amazon prime movies from time-to-time and my SO grabs a free book every month. It’s not always the best price but that has to be balanced with convenience.


Is Amazon Prime worth it? Yes, yes indeed it is.

We live in an area that with the proper stretch of the imagination could be considered a growing metropolitan area. By that I mean we have a pretty fair number of shopping options. That does not mean we can always find that certain “something” locally that we need sooner rather than later.

Is Amazon always cheaper? No, they are not. However, most times they do have that certain something we need now versus later.

Besides, our rural mail carrier brings us everything we order from Amazon (that is smaller than a bread box) and he is a really cool guy.

A twenty dollar a year increase for us is a non-event.

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