Question on a reactivation of Republic phone

i am trying to activate an old republic phone with my current number. I pull up the app and it says invalid sim card, and asks me to set up a help ticket. is that due to inactivity, Do I need to pull my current sim case and install that in the old phone I am trying to reactivate?

Can you tell us the old and new models of phones?

old phone is moto g4, and new old phone is moto e4

Hello! Can anyone help me out.

jI just need to know how to proceed… Thank you

Here is a document that should help:

After checking to see if your SIM is GSM, you should be able to swap the SIM from the E4 to the G4. If you happen to have a CDMA SIM, come back and let us know.


@peterf.hew5o5 Just for future reference, this is a community forum where fellow customers help answer questions. Sometimes there are people around right now, sometimes there’s no one around. People will respond as soon as they have the chance.

thank you. I will try that

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