Question on A20 Galaxy

What is the correct on model no. for the A20. SM A 205 UZKAXG or205 UZKAXAA ? It is a 205U1

Samsung Galaxy A20 SM-A205 U1 , or on the box or listed online as SM-A205UZKAKA G

the SM-A205U1 is the module number and what you see if looking up model in the phone settings
the SM-A205UZKAKAG is SKU used by retailers to tell different version of the same model (color, RAM/ROM sizes),

Hi @telemon1,

The model number is A205U1.

The SKU we were given for the phones we are selling in our online store is SM-A205UZKAXAG. I know that SKU doesn’t seem to exist in the real world, and I’ve not yet been able to ascertain that the SKU ending in KAXAA will be compatible.

Thank you . We will find out when my aim cards get here.

Thanks for the info Yes it is SM205U1

Hi @telemon1,

I thought you might like to know I activated a bring your own Samsung Galaxy A20 with Republic this morning. The activation experience was flawless.

In case you and others reading here are interested, the SKU on the A20’s box I acquired at Amazon is SM-A205UZKAXAA. The model on both the box and in Settings on the phone is SM-A205U1.


Thanks @rolandh,

I’ll work on getting our BYOP information updated with that additional SKU early in the business work-week.


Hi southpaw @ rolandh Yes mine set up ok to today Also got it from amazon Thanks for all the info. This whar is on my box to.
That was why the Question to start.


When is comes to manufacturers’ SKUs and model numbers, Samsung has a history of working in mysterious ways. On the upside, thanks to your sharing your experience (and mine), Republic is able to provide more informed guidance to fellow members. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just another example of the valuable asset Community is!

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yes it is. And is nice that we have all the help we need Even at my old age. LOL. Have a good day

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