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Hello, I was having to buy a new phone for my mother’s old Moto E on the 2.0 plan and I noticed the current plan and i had a question.

It says “add or remove 4G LTE* data at any time” does this mean you can go with the basic $15 plan and add 1GB of data at any point? If so are you buying 1GB of data that rolls over every month until it’s used up, or is it just 1GB of data each month for an extra $5 each month? Thank you.

the new My Choice plan allows up to 15 GBs per billing cycle each GB cost $5
the best way to describe it is $15 + $5 per GB up to 15 GB.
once purchased there is no way to remove it during that billing cycle.
one can choose to auto superscribe to any amount recurrence on billing date or a 1 time purchase which will also expire on the next billing data (even if that date is the next day)
one can change the recurring data amount at any time but the change will go into effect on the next billing cycle

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Hi @theriane,

I recently did the same thing - updated my mother’s phone. She moved from one of our older plans to our new plan and since she uses just a little data, she was surprised to see her monthly bill ($25 plus tax) go down (now $20 plus tax).

Yes. You can subscribe to the $15 plan with no data, and add data, $5 at a time, when you need it.

Data does not roll over. It expires at the end of the billing cycle.

That it expires can feel a bit frustrating at times. For example, my daughter sometimes runs short just a few days before the next bill is due. It seems like a waste to buy her another GB when I know she won’t use even half of it but I have to remind myself to step back and look at the total annual cost. I moved my daughter from our $25 a month plan, and most months she is fine with just one GB of data at $20 a month. So even if I have to add that additional $5 of data three or four months out of the year (and even if she uses just a bit of it), I’ve saved money overall.


Appreciate the reply, real shame it wont roll over, sadly she doesn’t use much internet but when she does it’s for GPS. The problem with the 2.0 plans is the money saved makes the new plans seem like a let down if you use minimal data, even though you’re still saving money over other carriers you are still paying twice the price for the same service, which is a bummer. Still a good price but it would be truly nice if they had a plan for $20 (+ $5 per GB) a month with roll over data for those of us not using a lot of it.

Thank you again.

Lots and lots of discussion on this in the forums if you look for it. Such a plan would be like the older Refund Plan where data was $15/GB. There’s no way to offer the current pricing AND rollover.

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