Question on notifications for republic anywhere


I have turned on notifications but am puzzled what they might consist of. Is it just a vibration on the phone with no visual notification? I don’t have my phone with me all the time by any means so when I do get to it am I expected to open the app to see if I have got any sms? Second related question although I have the anywhere icon on my taskbar again there is no notification next to it that I have a new message. I have used mighty text and I got visual notifications in both instances. Thanks for any clarification.


On my phone I receive the same notifications that I received with other texting apps. The notification sound of my choice, you can add vibration and the Anywhere app icon appears in taskbar and on lock screen. Some phones have the pulse notification light too. Newer Moto phones do not have this feature.

Depending on what system your computer is running, you should get some sort of notification. For Win 10 the icon for Anywhere starts to flash red when a text comes through. Beyond Win 10 I couldn’t say what the notification would be.


Interesting. I do have a newer Moto phone (the Moto Pure Edition) and run Windows 7. Is that why I am not getting any notifications on either? Thanks for answering.


Glad to assist!

You should get notifications on both. On your Pure open the app and tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
Tap on Settings
Check that the switches or boxes are flipped or checked for Notifications
Under Sound have you chosen a notification sound?

When finished, press volume up and press on the little arrow in the upper right to expand it. Check that the middle sound bar is turned up. That’s the one with the note symbol.

If it is go to Settings on the phone
Tap on Sound & Notification
Scroll down to When device is locked
Choose Show all notification content

Then go to App Notifications
Find Anywhere and tap on it
You can choose Treat as priority if you want to get notifications from Anywhere when on Do Not Disturb
And choose Allow peeking

If you’re still not getting notifications then check your settings for Do Not Disturb

On your Win 7
Open Anywhere
Chick on Conversation
Click on Preferences
You can set your Notifications here.

Hopefully you will now get some sort of notifications on your computer.


Thanks and sorry not to have answered before. Actually the PC notifications just started without me changing anything just after I posted.


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