Question on WhatApp Message I Received

I have a second phone that I let my boyfriend use it for a while. When I got it back I noticed there were messages coming into THAT phone from an unknown person from the country of Lebanon - 962 county code.

Then I saw my boyfriend responded to it. He may have forgotten to delete them? When I asked him about his reply he said doesn’t seem to know where the response message came from but insists that it must’ve come from another phone and it was sent to MY phone in error and the reply came from another phone.

He explains to me that this person at 962 number who is sending the messages, had two different cell phone numbers saved under the same name and the response message actually came from that other person/cell phone.

However I don’t see how that is possible since I see that my phone was encrypted as all whats app messages are. Can someone please explain if a message from another phone going to this 962 number, can appear on MY phone? Again, lets assume she has my number and another cell under someones name. Could the OTHER persons message appear my whats app chat or if I am correct in suspecting that the response message actually came from my phone?

I need to know because I don’t see how it’s possible that another cell phone in another country could respond to this 962 number and show up on my phone. I just want to know any and all possibilities. I emailed whats app but its been weeks and no one got back to me.

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Hi @sukiel.ewd9k7 ,

I noticed that this question hasn’t received any responses. I am sure there are several Whatsapp users on the community…but there isn’t really anything specific to RW service that might be causing this issue. Your best bet

is to pursue this matter with Whatsapp or post on their user forums to see if any other users have experienced

a similar situation.

Whatsapp is usually uniquely tied to a phone number…which is verified by Whatsapp at the beginning with a text message and verification code. So it is difficult to mis-assign a Whatsapp of one contact to another person. Having said that

we are not experts on Whatsapp communication so you might be better served on whatsapp forums or whatsapp support

to get to the bottom of this matter.

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