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In need of a new phone…ordered on Thanksgiving Day. I understand that they were not gonna ship Thurs thru Sun for obvious reasons…wasn’t really expecting them to ship on Monday, due to the possibility of receiving a lot of orders.
However, it is now Wednesday afternoon, and I have seen no indication of whether or not my order has shipped…no email since the order confirmation. And, unlike most other online stores, I see nowhere on the site to find out what is going on with the order…all I find is my actual order and $ total.

I’m just curious to know how I can find out what is going on with my order…all I know is that my bank account is $396 lighter and I’m struggling with a phone that works when it wants to.

Thanks in advance for any insight.



Hi @bwram1,

Our fulfillment center is experiencing a heavy volume of orders and an unusual number of shipping delays. Orders with overnight shipping will receive E-mails from our staff (we’re working on them now, personally, not by some automation, so it takes a while) with a credit due to the delay. We are working to expedite other shipping methods if at all possible in order to try to meet anticipated delivery times. We may also be sending an E-mail to all affected orders just to update everyone - that’s still under consideration, as it’s a bit more complex than it sounds.

If you do not yet have a tracking number, then I’m afraid the order simply has not shipped.

Can you tell us more about the phone that only works when it wants to? Maybe we can help with that?


Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I figured y’all would have a lot of orders. I’ll keep waiting…2 phones coming…X4 for me and cheaper E5 Play for the wife since she does nothing but talk n text.

Not much help for my phone…it’s an older G4 that I dropped a while back. Still worked OK with the cracked screen, but it is gradually developing other issues like not ringing half the time when a call comes in and taking forever to respond when I tap to open or type something. Wife has her original phone from nearly 5 years ago…Moto X (gen1). Those were possibly the best phones we have ever had. Love the old Motos but quality has dipped since Lenovo. Anyway, hers has stopped ringing as well, so we decided it was time for new ones.


I’m sorry you’re having to wait, with two phones that are barely hanging in there. This is a situation that’s being taken very seriously, for all the members impacted.

Since you have some time… let me check with you on something. You ordered the E5 Play for your wife. I want to make sure you’re aware that her coverage will change. With the Moto X (1st Gen) her phone uses Sprint as the cellular carrier when away from Wi-Fi. The E5 Play does not support that network, and will activate on our GSM carrier partner.

Please keep that in mind during the return period, and make sure the cellular coverage in your area is going to be ok. I’d hate for her to be busy wit holiday preparations and not really get a chance to use the phone, then find out too late for a return that the coverage is different.

I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be a problem - some people find the GSM coverage to be better, some see no difference, but some do prefer the coverage they had on the older phones.


Yeah…after selecting her phone, I checked coverage at our address, her work address and all points between…then looked at national and zoomed in on the map…all green. If what I saw is correct, then we should be good.


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