Question regarding Republic versus competition

I have been a Republic Wireless customer for several years.

I currently have the unlimited talk/text option plus ($5) for 1GB cell data.

PureTalkUSA offers 2GB of data for the price I’m now paying for 1GB. Any plans for Republic to offer more data?

While it doesn’t immediately or explicitly answer your specific question, there may indeed be changes in the offing:


Thank you for your response.


I hand been a loyal RW customer. Now i am on Visible party plan ; $25 per line including tax ++ Visible as start to offer free calls text and data on Verizon’s 4G & 5G network to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
I would have stayed with RW but RW management is no longer in competition.

You’re lucky to be in a place where Visible works. I personally tried Visible and it is unusable in my area. Mine isn’t an unusual experience as the Visible subreddit is littered with people fed up with unusable speeds, long outages, etc. For $25/mo for unlimited you get what you pay for and its hard to complain, but I need service that works with high regularity, which was not my Visible experience.

To add some context, Visible is only a small part of the issue. In my area the Verizon network is so oversubscribed than anyone but Verizon post-paid customers end up with awful speeds. That, compounded by Visible’s horrible inept support made for a deadly combination.

Good Morning @afzals

It all depends upon one’s use case. For example, I have family members who use service providers other than Republic. I’m the Android black sheep, they prefer iPhones.

Generally, I try not to mention specific Republic competitors in Republic’s Community forums, however, since you raised Visible I’ll make an exception. As pointed out by @louisdi, in many areas Verizon’s network while offering quality coverage is hopelessly oversubscribed. I happen to live in one of those areas. Theoretical available network coverage that’s essentially unusable because too many others are also using it is meaningless. For me, Visible might as well be invisible.

Anyway, as mentioned in a previous post in this thread, things are changing with Republic . As I’m currently satisfied with my Republic service, I’ll wait and see how that develops.

Market competition is a good thing. If Visible works for you, great. If Republic works for me, great. If some other provider works for someone else, that’s great too!

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