Questions about buying a Moto z play from B&H website


Is the Moto Moto Z Play XT1635-02 32GB Smartphone (Unlocked, covered under republic? Also will it run off both networks republic uses … Sprint and T-Mobile I I’m correct?



Hello @justinr.68ce2q
the Moto Z Play sold by B&H (XT1635-02) is approved by Republic wireless for BYOD
this is the 1st Gen Moto Z Play and was only made for the GSM bands (as Verizon had an CDMA exclusive with it’s Droid version) so it can only be activated on the GSM partner (T-Mobile)



Here is something in Tips & Tricks from @louisdi for this and other phones that folks may consider. How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone



The Moto Z Play is a great phone. However, if you’re considering the Moto Z Play, you should also consider the newer Moto G5S Plus. The specs are very similar, but the G5S may be a better phone for the money. Compare the specs.

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