Questions about Moto G 8

Is Republic Wireless not compatible with Moto G 8? I can’t find it on their list of compatible phones. Is Moto G 8 Power the same as Moto G Power? I usually know these answers, but this time I don’t, hope someone else does.


The Moto G8 was not a phone sold into the US market (it was created for Brazil, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia). It’s not supported by Republic Wireless.


That’s not good. Thanks CBWahlstorm

Another good source of this type of information (other than @cbwahlstrom) would be Moto G8 - Wikipedia where I found a few other key items

The list is comprehensive. If a phone is not listed, it is not supported.

I didn’t see anyone answer this part of your question:

They are not the same, though the Moto G Power 2020 is part of the 8th generation of the Moto G family.

Why is it not good?

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southpaw just meant its not good its not compatible, means i can’t buy that phone…but thanks for the info. basically just wondered if it was compatible before i bought one


Think I’ll just wait for the Moto G Fast to go on sale again. That’s the one my daughter picked and loves it. I just need something that updates to Android 11 and the Fast comes with 10 installed and updates to 11 so it will work great. I ordered hers on Amazon and 1 minute after I ordered hers, they upped the price 30 dollars so I didn’t get a chance to order a second one at the lower price, so I’ll wait a couple weeks see if they go back down at all. Thanks everyone

Hi @rebecca.b,

Motorola has it for $30 off.


cool thanks. they were in sale when I ordered my daughter’s but when I lookrd again and earlier today then Motorola raised it too but one of the guys at Amazon told me that they put them on sale on the weekends again. must be why it’s on sale now when it wasn’t earlier today.


So I just informed Amazon they are trying to sell a product for more than Motorola is charging. They are 'looking into it" . I will probably just order it from Motorola. Thanks again for the info SuperT


After a lengthy discussion with Amazon about their price being higher than Motorola, they did lower it and I ordered it from there. It will get here faster (tomorrow) and easier to return if something is wrong. Motorola has a habit of not getting orders to people in the time they state if you order from their site so I didn’t really want to order directly from Motorola but would have if Amazon hadn’t lowered the price to match Motorolas.

I’ll have my new phone tomorrow. Since my daughter already has one, we know what to expect and it should fit my needs perfectly (at least for a couple years).

Thanks everyone for the help and input. Greatly Appreciated

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If it’s got only 4 GB of RAM, why bother?

first of all we upgraded from moto e6 with 2gb ram but had only 16 gb storage. secondly whats wrong with it? we love moto g fast. we got moto g fast not moto g 8 I only asked about it before getting moto g fast. we now have 3 gb ram and 32 gb storage and are upgraded to android 11 from 9. also we were able to afford the phones. I won’t spend more than $200 on new phones because they always need replaced in a few years no matter what one you get as android upgrades or how many gb ram you start with. I find it ridiculous to spend more than $200 on a device to that will eventually need replaced.

why bother? for the above reasons and why not? it’s suitable for our needs and we didn’t spend more than my rent or car payments for a phone.(i.e. buying $700 phones…to me that’s ridiculous)

US $249.99 on the grey market. That’s about what
I paid for my three previous Moto G phones. Motorola Moto G 5G | Unlocked | International GSM Only | 6/128GB | MP Camera | 2020 | Frosted Silver | NOT Compatible with Sprint or Verizon

Grey market phones are typically a poor choice for users in the United States (and are not usable on Republic Wireless). They typically do not work with all of the frequencies used by US carriers, don’t support VoLTE, and don’t come with a warranty.


I wouldn’t buy it for your same reasons. My Amazon illustrative link was made only to show that reasonably-priced Moto phones being sold in India are a couple of years ahead of what Motoe flogs here in the U.S.A. My guess is that the same goes for other manufacturers. We get the best telecom regulation that money can buy, with the major carriers probably chomping down on the presence of grey market phones much more thoroughly than in 2006.

None of this is to criticize Republic Wireless, where I’m coming up on being a customer for a decade.

I got my 1st Moto unlocked RAZR phone in 2005 or so on the grey market, as soon as ATT offered a 1 year pay-in-advance deal. The languages were English and Turkish. I used it to flip in China Mobile smart cards sold in Shanghai when I was in China and ATT smart cards when I was in the USA. Saved a fortune. I forget who did it, but the RAZR was reprogrammed to use Roman characters and Chinese characters when I was in China. No problem.

we got the moto g fast for $160…I only asked about the moto g 8 because I was looking at them. we are very happy with the moto g fast. we only get new phones about every five years sometimes longer. this is a good fit for us.

what matters is if we like it, can afford it, and it works for us and moto g fast is what we chose and we are happy with it and will continue to use it .

as for this thread since I already got the phone and love it, and my daughter has the same one and loves it, this thread could now be closed.

thank you

clc2…I won’t use att I will stay with rw. and I only use it in the USA. I have what I need and want but thanks…

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