Questions about Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge System Update

@southpaw@rw can you check to see if the update information is correct in this document?

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge System Update

Where is says this:

Release Notes for the Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Build Number: G930UUEU4APL2
  • December 2016 Android security patch

This is what my S7 shows and I received this update about a month ago:

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I also found this:

All updates are for Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1. The Samsung Galaxy S7 update version is G930R4TYS4APL1.


@billg the update info is correct, but it generally takes a few days for the update to reach everyone. We’re still waiting on updates for some of our lab phones here as well. The version that you currently have is from September, which is the most recent prior to this new one. You should see the new one soon!

Just did a manual check and got it on my S7. Trying to post a screenshot but it won’t let me.

I finally got the update:

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