Questions about the Moto E4

I’m considering buying the Moto E4 and I have some questions about it! Does anyone have the Moto E4? Do you like it/ would you recommend it?

I don’t own the E4. It seems like a good budget phone…if you can stretch your budget… I would recommend going with the Moto G5 plus…it is a great phone and will likely serve you well, especially if you tend to own your phones for a few years.


Hi @lydiag.n2dktq,

I tested the Moto E4 for a couple of weeks before we launched it. I thought it was a very good phone for the money. I was particularly impressed that it had the fingerprint reader and a flash for the front (selfie) cam. (Though at my age, that’s a really bad idea.)

Do you currently have a phone with us? If so, which one? Perhaps we can help you compare the two.

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