Questions when moving from Republic Refund 2GB to BYOD?


I currently have a Moto G 3rd gen on Republic Refund 2GB. I would like to buy a current gen (5th) Moto G for use on a BYOD plan. My questions are these. 1.) can I keep my current SIM card? 2.) If not, how do I transfer my phone number?


Your old SIM card needs to stay with the Moto G3.

You will need a new SIM card if you buy your new phone elsewhere.

If you buy the phone from RW then it will come with a new SIM card.

See here for details regarding your second question

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Thanks. That’s what I thought I was understanding. The second part of that question is where I am stuck now. The purchasing process does not seem to address how to keep my number when switching SIMs and plans.


The purchasing process doesn’t address it because it is done during the activation of the new device, and not the ordering process. All you need to do is order.

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Great. Thank you!

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