QUICK HELP NEEDED, PLEASE: RW "Factory Reset" article confusing/incomplete/?

Hi. I’m trying to factory reset my Moto E4 before returning it today. Among other help articles, I’m reading Factory Reset.

FYI, I’ve turned the phone off and on to be sure I’d removed the PIN/fingerprint locks. (When I did, I got a strange screen that said I needed to set up WiFi to activate the phone. Once I did that, it showed the list of WiFis; mine was already connected. I’ve also removed photos/etc., as the article says, although it later said I actually don’t need to remove them because the factory reset does that automatically.

Then the first problem: My service has already been turned off. So a screen with a button GET ACTIVATED NOW appears. How can I activate if service is off? Can’t I just do the factory reset? There doesn’t seem to be any other choice than that button?!

Second problem: The section “Factory Reset Instructions” says, in red: "If you’re performing a factory reset prior to … returning your phone, please ensure you have removed any screen locks and have removed the “Kill Switch” protection by performing your factory reset through the Settings menu. Performing a factory reset through recovery mode or from a remote source won’t remove the “Kill Switch” protection feature." and, later “When performing a factory reset, you must follow the instructions that take you through the Settings app on your phone”

But, later in the document, there are no instructions for a Moto E4! There are instructions for Moto (1st Gen.), (2nd Gen.) and (3rd Gen.). I could guess that my phone is closest to (3rd Gen.), and use the instructions for a frozen phone (since the Republic activation won’t let me bring up the Settings menu). But my phone is responsive, so the document says I should use the Settings menu to remove the “kill switch”. But there are no instructions…

I may not get the phone sent today, before I leave town, so would someone please tell the phone-return people that it may be several days before I can ship it? (One place said I have 30 days, but I want to do it now so I don’t forget it in the crush of things to do… so I hope one of you can send me a fast answer.) Thanks!

Hi @jp.rw,

You do not have to get the return accomplished today. I see others here are replying about the process, so I’ll check in with you later to see how things went.

Removing the SIM card should prevent the phone from trying to activate. Uninstalling the RW app updates and or disabling the app might help too. Good luck.


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The simplest thing to do is reset the phone from the Settings App – This both takes care of the kill switch and accomplishes the reset.

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Removing the SIM did it, @PlaneTherapist. I was able to get the factory reset done. The phone restarted to the Android “Welcome” screen where you choose a language. Thanks for the quick solution!

I do hope someone can edit those instructions to include the Moto E4. Also, in the section of the instructions for the Moto (3rd. Gen), it says “2.Tap Backup & reset.
Note: For a complete reset, make sure Back up my data and Automatic Restore are set to off if given the option.” But, when I started to turn off “Back up my data”, I got a warning that said all of the backups on remote servers would be deleted! Luckily, this was a test phone that I decided not to use… my new phone uses a different Gmail account. But what if I was going to return this old Moto E4 for a replacement… my backups would have been erased?!

Thanks again, everyone. I’m headed to the package dropoff location.

@louisdi do you have time to submit that feedback?

Reading through the various ways to do the resets I got the impression using phone Settings was required to ensure the kill switch was disabled? Last year returned a phone for a RW swap, just to be sure it was reset correctly I did it both ways.


You can either:

  1. Remove the password from the phone through the Settings App
  2. Reset from the boot menu


  1. Reset from Settings

Either accomplish removing the kill switch. A phone that is reset without having a password set does not trigger the kill switch.

Taken care of


please ensure you have removed any screen locks and have removed the “Kill Switch” protection by performing your factory reset through the Settings menu.

I only use the screen lock. Will removing the password remove the kill switch protection without needing to reset via the Settings? The red paragraphs don’t read that way. .Factory Reset – Republic Help. Thanks.


If you turn off the screen lock (change to none or swipe) and then reset from the boot menu it does the same thing as resetting from settings. In both cases, the kill switch is avoided.

That being said, because apps can prevent you from removing screen locks, or in some cases even reactivate them, the best advice is to just reset from settings.

Thanks. and that helps to clarify the muddy paragraphs.

Maybe you should have written the document.


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