Quick question about upgrading and transferring numbers


Hi there. I did a quick search but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I figured I should get better safe than sorry.

I’m upgrading my phone from the first gen moto X, to the Moto g5plus. Should I order the phone first, and then attempt to transfer the number over when it arrives, or is there something I should do on the order screen first?

Also, when I checked to see if my number would transfer, it said I couldn’t, even though it’s a Republic Wireless number. Is that common or a unique case?

Appreciate any and all help, thanks!!


All you have to do is activate the new phone as a replacement for the old phone. That opportunity presents itself during the activation process. The number transfers instantly… Go ahead and order the new phone.


Hi @johnl.pkbwxl!

@billg is correct. You don’t have to port your number to Republic since it’s already with them. It is extremely easy to move your number to your new phone. Just open the Republic app, sign in, and choose the option to move your number over. I actually just moved from a Moto X2 to a Galaxy S7 and moved my number over. Super easy!



Awesome, thanks so much for the quick response!


You will also be upgrading to a 3.0 plan with a $15 base price and no refunds for unused data…


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