Quick Question for Moto X Inquiry


Does this charger match well for the Moto X Pure? I’m still currently trying to figure if its Qualcomm compatible.

There is also one port in my truck and its necessary to plug in a gps. I was going to find something I can plug into it that would allow me to plug 2 or more. One for gps and one for the ventev. My only concern is that I will not be able to find a good plug to create the 2 or more outlets. Will it cancel the charging capabilities of the ventev? Is there a ventev to provide 2 ports? Any help is appreciated and look forward to hear from everyone soon. Thanks

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a wireless fast charge for the vehicle? Does this exist yet?


Yes, that charger will work just fine with your phone and will charge it using Qualcomm QC2, which is the fastest charging the MXP supports.

If you’re only looking to split your lighter two ways, this one works well: https://goo.gl/NC0Fk7

Same company has a 4-way that should also work well.

Neither will change the way the phone charges as the outlet has plenty of excess power to take care of multiple devices.


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