Quick way to turn cell data on/off?


I’m really happy with my Republic service! Great price, since I don’t use a lot of data, mostly on Wifi.

I do wish though, that there was a quicker way to turn data on and off via the Republic app. I have to open the app, go to the Cell Data icon, click the “dots”, select Cell Data Settings, and then I can turn or or off. I know, seriously, it’s on a few taps on a screen, but since I do it a lot, a shortcut to that setting would be awesome!


Swipe down, tap the arrow, tap Republic, switch cell data on or off.


Right, but I believe there is a difference between shutting it down that way (which will not allow you to send /receive texts) and turning it off in the Republic app (which still allows sending texts). So I always turn on/off via the app, just wish there was a shortcut on the main screen of the app.


Turning off data in the Republic Wireless app should not inhibit text messaging or otherwise affect phone performance. Doing so in Android settings will but not if done via the Republic app.


Just tried this several times on G4 and X Pure. It will not change setting in the RW app. Checked it and remains as set in app on both phones.


Because turning off data/roaming in phone/Android setting will inhibit texting and phone performance.


Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service does require both cell data and roaming data be enabled in Android settings. Among other things both Bonded Calling and text messaging use cell data. All Republic plans (even those with no user accessible cell data) provide this cell data at no charge beyond one’s monthly plan fee. If one has a plan that provides cell data for Internet use, cell data required by Republic’s service isn’t charged against customer purchased cell data for Internet use. This “system” data if you will is managed by the Republic app. If one turns off cell data in Android settings, one is denying the Republic app’s access.

One might want to and can deny access to cell data to apps other than the Republic app by toggling cell data off in the Republic app. Unlike earlier iterations, which relied on modifications to the Android operating system, with Republic 3.0 it’s an all or nothing choice for enabling cell data for apps other than that managed by the Republic app.

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