R.W. to R.W. users perks?

Back in the day…where cell phones were always sold with limited minute plans, there was a thing called “Mobile to Mobile” minutes. Often, for example, as a VZW customer, if u called another VZW customer for your VZW phone, you had unlimited minutes with them.

I have to wonder if R.W. could maybe have some sort of modernized thing like this.
For those who call on R.W network to another user also on R.W. network. (wifi to wifi)
“Perks” “Rewards”…I don’t know.
Points u can use to get a credit back…or to get R.W. merch…
Maybe just get a tiny credit back on your bill for such usage.

Just a thought…


We already get rewards from Republic in the way of some of the most competitive plans on the mobile phone service landscape. WiFi to WiFi yields higher sound quality on calls. That’s an instant perk every time you do it. Bottom line is, the system is pretty lean, already. If they give up too much, what’s the use of being in business?

Yes, we all want more for less. But, if you look at the options, if you’re a RW customer, you know you have a good service at a good price, or you wouldn’t be here. Those are my thoughts. :relaxed:


True that.

Its just…my mother brought this up to me yesterday…since we are both now R.W. users.

I think a rewards perk program would be neat.
Even it only was just after some level is reached, say some 5,000 min of R.W. to R.W wifi min used…they send u a free tshirt or logo sticker…lol.

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