RA doesn't always alert

What phone do you have? Pixel 2XL and original Pixel

What plan are you on? 3.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, talk, text

Issue Description

A while back I switched from Textra to RA on both my wife’s original Pixel XL and my new Pixel 2XL. Randomly RA will not alert when a text is received. This happens on both phones. Both phones have been rebooted. My wife is using the standard “Chime” alert while I am using a downloaded “Samsung whistle” alert. Note that this happened with my Nexus 6P as well. I just switched to a brand new Pixel 2 XL and hoped the problem would go away, but it exists on the Pixel 2 XL as well. I haven’t tried clearing caches, etc., because the Pixel 2 XL is brand new so shouldn’t need anything cleared.

Is this a known RA issue? I’d say that it occurs on probably 10%-25% of the texts that we receive. It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether they are SMS or MMS messages. And doesn’t seem to make a difference whether we are on WiFi or cellular. My wife’s Pixel is on GSM and my Pixel 2 is on CDMA.

How is RA supposed to act if you have it running on multiple devices? Say I have it running on my tablet and on my phone but I am currently using my Windows PC and have RA open on the PC as well. If a text comes in, should RA alert all 3 devices? Or does it try to decide which device is currently being used and only alert that device? I would think it would alert all 3 devices?

Hi @fisher99,

There will be a new message notification on all devices.

My experience has been that if the app is open to the conversation when the new reply arrives, it will not alert. I think I’ve seen on one Android version, with various messaging apps, if the screen is turned off but the conversation is still open, there will be no new message notification.

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Thanks for the reply. Sometimes I will be working on my PC and a new text arrives and it alerts the PC, but the phone in my pocket remains silent. Other times, however, it alerts both devices. It’s definitely not consistent. And sometimes when we are away from home an incoming text sent to both my wife’s phone and mine will beep one phone and not the other. Again, it’s definitely not consistent.

I may need to switch back to Textra and verify my thoughts that the problem did not exist with that app. But even though I was skeptical about the benefits of RA in the beginning, I have to admit that my wife loves accessing texts on her iPad and I like having them available when I am working on the PC.

I use Messages by Google on my phone and RWA on my laptop… the only disadvantage is that the texts sent from the laptop don’t sync up on the phone. But I use texts mostly as transient exchanges and not an on-going dialog…once I have read it… I am done with it…so the sync issue does not bother me.

Yes, I did that for awhile as well before switching to the RA app on our phones. I switched my wife’s phone to RA because it drove her crazy that the texts on her phone and her iPad didn’t match. I doubt I could convince her to break that synchronization again. But it’s less of a deal breaker for me.

Might want to check your battery saver settings as you want the RA or any texting app to be NOT Optimized. Any app that is Optimized is subject to be put to sleep when the phone is not charging or the screen has been off for an hour or more.

Go to Setting --> Battery --> Menu (3 dots?) --> Battery optimization. Look for Anywhere and make sure that it says Not optimized.

Others here also use a Macrodroid script to wake their phone every 55 minutes to prevent the Android Doze feature from affecting their WiFi and other background apps from being put to sleep.

How to prevent your phone from Dozing

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Good suggestion. I checked and RA is not optimized. I’m also quite sure that it isn’t a battery saver issue, as I have seen cases where I will get several texts within 5 or 10 minutes and some, but not all of them, will give an audible alert.

Hi @fisher99,

Were you able to get this figured out?

Alerts with RA remain hit and miss on both of our phones. But since RW seems to be abandoning RA (or at least putting it in the freezer), I will likely transition us back to Textra, which didn’t have this issue. Thanks for your follow up though.

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