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I need to replace my Moto G 1st Gen and I’m interested in the Moto G 4th Gen (G4). The G4 comes with either 16 or 32 GB of ROM and is expandable to 128 GB. It also comes with 2 GB of RAM. What is the advantage of purchasing 32 GB vs 16 GB ROM when I can purchase 16 GB and then expand the memory with a microSD card? Does the 32 GB version come with 16 GB microSD card?

RAM = temp storage for current running process (usualy between 1 GB - 4 GB)

Internal Storage is the size of the flash memory chip(s) that hols your Media, apps and the ROM (see below)

ROM = the amount of space taken up from the internal storage by the OS and bundled apps

with each OS update more and more apps are coming pre-installed and the OS part of the ROM is taking up more and more of the internal storage leaving less for the apps you want and your media

back 3 years ago 4 GB was enough internal memory to survive but we are seeing lots of people having stoage issue with 8GB and some are starting to have issue with 16 GB of internal storage (ROMs have grown from about 2GB with the 1st Gen Motos to 6-8 GB on new phones,

I highly recommend the higher internal storage to future proof the phone.

SD-cards are a type of flash memory that is good for media and some apps can be moved but I have always run into issues with them and find them a bit unstable (using as a standard expansion drive or as a adaptive storage.

(the 32 GB does not come with a 16 GB SD card the internal storage has either a larger flash memory chip or a second chip)

A 16GB phone + 16GB SD card does not give you the same performance as a 32GB phone because

not all apps can be installed/moved to the SD card.

The 16GB sounds like a lot of memory…but when you subtract out the OS and included apps that can’t be uninstalled

it quickly shrinks the real, usable space on the phone.

Monetary constraints can steer you one way or the other…but if you have the choice…go for the bigger internal memory.

My question has been answered. Thank you very much, drm186.

Oops, sorry, I meant to also include Amitl.

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