Random ringing on Motog5+

I have a Motog5+. A while back I was going to install an app ( I THINK it was Zedge) & was going to use instagram to complete (new to Instagram.). When I saw all the app wanted to access, I couldn’t see a “stop,” so I just clicked off. I now realize I should have just waited and uninstalled.

Ever since then. I get the “hello moto” ring when I start my Fitbit gps. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not, but that’s when it started.

I tried looking at apps, could not see anything unusual…no Zedge. I have tried to look online, but I cannot find the info I need.

It doesn’t seem to affect anything else, but it is annoying and loud (even on AP mode) at times when silence is needed.

Any ideas how I can make this stop?

Thanks, guys.

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Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Have you checked the settings on the Fitbit’s companion app on your phone? Look for notification settings in that app to see if something there is configured to sound the “Hello Moto” notification when it launches.


I didn’t see anything like that. It also rings when I am tracking a hike & open camera to take a pic.

Is there any visual notification along with the audible location? For example, do you see a new notification indicating your location has been shared?

It appears I was not clear on my description of the ring. It doesn’t say, “Hello Moto” it is just the ring ring sound…lol. I looked at Fitbit settings again, but still can’t find anything. There are no visual notifications.

I’m not tech savvy…actually I’m terrible…haha

Thank you

Hi @jeanb.01d11j,

Sorry to have fallen silent on this. Are your Fitbit GPS and Hiking app still notifying you?

I think we need to back up to the beginning, because I’m not understanding this combination:

Do you think you ever actually installed the Zedge app?
What did instagram have to do with it?? :confused:

The next time it does it, could take a screenshot right then, and then share it with us the next time you’re online?

Thanks, Southpaw, but I am going to try uninstalling one app at a time & check.

I understand your confusion, it’s difficult for me to explain.

Will get back w/you if it doesn’t solve my problem.

Re Instagram…it popped up asan option to use to install Zedge! It just threw me off

Again thank you


This is a little awkward/embarrassing :/, but you guys are always so helpful, I feel I should ‘fess up.

I FINALLY figured out why I kept getting “notifications” when I was using GPS on my Fitbit. NOTIFICATIONS WERE TURNED ON!!! I did NOT turn on “that” notification… I was hesitant to turn it off, afraid it would turn off all notifications…lol. I turned it off, just to test. That took care of it!!!

Just felt I should let you know.

I think electronics just “do their own thing” sometimes…just sayin’

Thanks again to all the advice/help you guys give.


Aw :hugs:
You’re among friends here, thanks for letting the Community know!


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