Random signal and WiFi dropouts despite being in coverage map

I’ve been having some serious issues lately where, despite me being in a Strong 4G LTE network per the coverage map (zip code is 46818). I will lose all signal, and it randomly won’t reconnect even if I restart as well as power the phone off, waiting about a minute, then turning it back on again.

When it comes to WiFi, it only happens on any network outside of my house (grocery stores, workplace, etc.). When it comes to the strong LTE network, it randomly just drops out and won’t reconnect (I get the error that I can’t place calls due to no signal), even if I restart the phone or power the phone off, wait a minute, then power the phone back on.

I’ve already cleared the phone cache, performed a factory reset, forgotten WiFi networks, and tried switching Preferred network type (even though I know that probably wouldn’t do much). The one thing that “kind of” fixed the issue was switching to Turn off the WiFi, turn on Airplane mode, turning the WiFi back on, then turn off Airplane mode, but even then, it only connects for a few seconds. I even took my phone case off to see if that was affecting anything

If it helps, it’s been occurring a lot more frequently lately.

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