RANDOM: Spam Calls Increased About a Month or Two Ago

RANDOM OFF TOPIC QUESTION: Does anyone else get random calls all day from all over the country that just hang up? This started maybe a month ago for me. They come from all over the place. Sometimes from my state. They seem to come in waves where I get maybe 5 or 6 in a one hour period and then they let up for a while. Overall, I get maybe 10 a day on average.

I am literally getting one right now from Illinois as I type this…


It’s pretty bad all around, I usually get 2-3 calls a day but they have been eerily quiet lately for me.

If you have spam call blocking enabled in the Republic app and the dialer I don’t think there is much to be done for the ones that make it through.

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Hi @kennyw.ec2x64,

Sometimes these calls are not actually to your phone number, but are spammers calling the cellular routing number associated with your Republic Wireless phone. Our Help Team can change that number for you in the hopes that you’ll get a “quieter” number.

To determine whether the calls are actually being dialed to your phone number or to the cellular routing number, take a look at your call records in the account portal. Do you the calls listed there match all the spam calls in your phone’s log? (The time stamps in the account portal are in UTC, so you’ll have to do time zone conversion). If the calls don’t show up there, they are calls to the routing number, and a change of routing numbers may calm the noise for you.


Thank you for the reply.
They DO NOT match.

Could you change that routing number for me?

Is it possible that the number might have changed for me within the past couple of months?

I never had an issue before. I remember maybe one spam call a month at the most.

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Hi @kennyw.ec2x64,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

The last time I see an event on your service line that would have triggered a new cellular routing number was in January.

I see you opened a ticket requesting the change to the routing number, and that our Help Team has taken care of that request. Please let us know whether it helps.

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