Randomly received one-time addition of cell data

I got the notice both in the app and through an email, the email url checks out as a legitimate RW email address. I currently do not have access to the card the account is billing towards (it’s my mothers card), and I’d like to figure this out before I tell her about it.

Am I (my mom) going to be charged for this one-time addition that I did NOT purchase? What can I do to clear this up? My account shows a charge of $0.00, which doesn’t make sense to me, and in my… 5-ish years of using RW this has never happened before so I’m a little freaked out. Thanks in advance.

Look for an e-mail titled “Have a free GB of data, on us.” It may be in your spam folder. I received one of these earlier this month when I was about to run out of cellular data (when I had reached 75% of my data quota). It was a nice gift from Republic Wireless with no charges to my account. There is another thread on the topic at:


If this is the case that’s awesome! However a thorough search of my spam folder shows no emails from Republic Wireless. I do have an email with the subject “Your Republic Change Request Confirmation”. The contents of the email to follow:

Great News ! We received your change request.

Change request details for order number: (leaving this blank for privacy)

Your one time addition of 1 GB of cell data, for phone number (also blank for privacy), is now complete and available for immediate use.

If you have questions about any of the above info, please let us know by contacting Republic Help.

I have to reiterate that I made no such “change request,” and it is mostly the wording of this specific email that has me concerned.

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Hi @joshuap.dakskr,

The email you received from Republic advising of your “change request” is automated and is what is received when a customer chooses to add more cell data. For purposes of this promotion, Republic was unable to stop the automated reply, so it added the second email referenced by @cbwahlstrom to explain the situation.

I cannot explain why you didn’t receive the second email and your concern is understandable. Having said that, the added GB is indeed a free gift from Republic. You are not alone in experiencing this gift. Enjoy!


Are you the primary account holder? If not, I suppose it’s possible the “Have a free GB of data, on us” e-mail went only to the primary account holder. If you’re worried about this, open a Republic Help request or chat with support by hitting the blue box in the upper right corner of the Republic Help page.

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Hi @joshuap.dakskr,

No need to open a support ticket. The one-time addition of data was on the house. Sorry, we didn’t mean to freak you out.


Thanks for all the responses, and as usual thank you Republic for being awesome as always! :slight_smile:


Add me to those who freaked out. My stress levels with super storm Harvey are not exactly on an even keel, so while the extra data for the next five days might be helpful, and I certainly appreciate the thought, I didn’t really need another reason for a panic attack. :slight_smile:

I did not (initially) see the notice that this was a free “gift”. I just saw the email that I was low on data, then one minute later, there was an email entitled “Your Republic Change Request Confirmation” which is worded in such a way as to look like I actually requested this change.

My immediate reaction (especially after noticing an email about setting up a PIN for account security), was that someone was, in fact, tinkering with my account (not realizing that it was RW.)

It would be really helpful, if Republic Wireless would modify this email, when it is used as a promotion, to make it clear that Republic took the action, as a promotion, and that it does not mean that our credit cards are going to be charged (or that an unauthorized person is in control of our account).

It took me a bit to find the “Have a extra GB of data, on us” email that explained the situation.

Hi @Graammm,

We have been listening to reactions like yours and will certainly take the unintended stress factor into account when we consider future-such promotions. Please DM me if there is anything further we can be doing to help as you deal with the impact of Harvey.

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