Rant , broken promise concering shipping time

Long time RW customer , recently bought a replacement phone for my son
who lost his RW phone. Order was placed on New Years day.
Understandable , it wouldn’t be processed until the next business day.
so it wasn’t processed until 1/5/22. I opened 2 tickets (with no response)
looking for tracking , which was finally supplied by the ‘chat’ window.
but my biggest beef (why I’m venting)
was that it was shipped regular UPS ground , rather than 3rd day select
that was offered.

Hi @douglass.tvhtj3,

I’m sorry your ticket did not receive a timely response. The team to whom it was assigned is experiencing a very high ticket volume. Your second ticket was merged into the first ticket to avoid duplication of efforts across our Help Teams. We have to focus conversations with our members in a single ticket whenever possible.

I will look into why orders are being shipped UPS ground. We’ve had some significant issues between our order system and the fulfilment center’s system and it has been difficult to get the data moved between systems. Many of the orders had to be entered manually and it’s very possible a mistake was made during the entry.

I also want to be sure you know that we will not be able to activate that phone on your existing account, it is locked to our new 5.0 plans, and that at this time, we cannot move current RW numbers to the 5.0 plans.

I sympathize with your issue, Douglass, but with the chaos going on in what’s left of Republic Wireless, you are probably lucky it was shipped at all. The Dish acquisition has turned RW into a sick sad shadow of what it used to be. I do believe that the company is working to smooth the problems out, but fixes seem to be going quite slow right now. Sigh…


Can the new Samsung phone purchased be activated on a old 4G plan ?

the old phone was lost -■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Micah Simon

He REALLY would like to keep his old phone number

None of the phones available in the online Republic store can be activated on the 4.0 plans. They are locked to the 5.0 plans.

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I feel ya. I lost my personal phone on 12/31 and my replacement SIM won’t be delivered to my house until 1/12! Unfortunately for me, I’m leaving for 6 days on the 12th in the morning, so I won’t get to activate this beautiful Pixel 6 until the 18th! Shameful shipping times RW.

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Hi @dizzle,

If you’re an existing Republic Member, please note that we’re not currently able to move Republic numbers to our new 5.0 plans. This may be more complicated than the extended shipping time.

I saw your same post above @Southpaw and for that reason I just signed up for Google Fi so I can actually have a phone. Not sure what it’s going to cost me until RW gets it’s ■■■■ together.

FWIW I’ve been a member since the 1.0 days and this 5.0 has been the worst handling of change management I’ve seen. It feels kinda like another major corporation got involved and ruined the whole thing.

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Hi @dizzle,

I’m glad you’ll be able to use your new phone. I was worried about you traveling without a phone.

Making it possible for our members to move their numbers to a 5.0 plan is our top priority. This has been a difficult time for many of our members. But I do believe we’ll get through it and our 5.0 plans will bring improvements many of our members have been eager to see for a long time.

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