Rapid loss of data



Somehow yesterday I lost all of my data (1G) within one day. According to my RW app, the lost was due to “other data” (see screen shot below). What happened?

This happened to my phone, my spouses phone, and both of my kids phones - so it wasn’t any app that we were using since we all do different things on our phones.

Can this be resolved, and can we each reclaim our data for the month?


As it appears your billing cycle just started, there is always an outside chance that the date rollover and the outage my have had something to do with it. I do know this to be a fact, just a guess :slight_smile:

What I would suggest is to do the following:

  1. Clear Cache at least on one of the 4 phones
  2. Reboot all 4 phones and see if the Cell data totals are the same or different
  3. Open a Ticket and provide them with all the data you have, and what you have done

This will give them a good start on seeing if there is anything that they can determine


Thanks. But it didn’t work. I cleared the android system cache. I couldn’t figure out how to clear cache of all installed apps as the instructions weren’t good - when I click on Storage in Settings, there’s no option for “internal storage” or “cached data”.

After clearing the android system cache, I rebooted my phone. I still have 0 data left in this cycle. Very frustrating.

I opened a ticket with my problem, but no reply yet.


ok, thanks for giving it a try… with the high volume of calls that I expect Republic has been handling, I wouldn’t expect an instant reply, but Republic has a pretty strong reputation for doing the right thing by its customers


@capava68 The issue that you’re having is a bug, and is a known issue. I’m going to contact you privately to provide more information.

EDITED TO SAY: Nevermind, even better, Southpaw has taken care of you.


Hi @capava68,

I’ve escalated your ticket to try to get some attention to it. As @jben noted, our ticket volume is substantially high right now. Thank you for your patience.