Rare Early December Sight


It’s a rare sight to wake up in early December to a good snowfall here in the deep south. I had just returned home from college for Christmas yesterday so the trimming was really good. Is anyone else in the Alabama/Georgia/South Carolina area enjoying this early winter treat?

This was taken a bit earlier, snows still coming down good and theres a nice blanket of snow on the ground now. To think… it was in the 70’s just a week ago…


I’m in South Florida. There’s been recorded snowfall here exactly once in 1977 (was still in Massachusetts at the time): http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/weather/sfl-remember-snow-in-south-florida-20120118-story.html. I survived the Blizzard of 78 (basically a winter hurricane) as a kid. Nice picture but that’s not real snow. :slightly_smiling_face:


we have had a morning or 2 like this in Southeast Michigan but they didn’t last (yet) Monday is the only snow in the forecast and not expecting much (it too may be gone after a day or 2) this would make my wife happy she want’s a green/brown Christmas)


20 minutes later…

Still coming down hard, and forecast for at least another 5 hours.


The ground is still barely covered and it’s coming down hard? Let’s see a picture 5 hours from now, then we’ll compare. :wink:


In my lifetime I’ve never seen more than 4 inches of snow so this is actually one of the better snows I’ve seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect to see some good coverage by then!


I live in Northern SC and we are seeing snow. Pretty cool this early! I am not wearing a jacket so it’s cold walking between classes :wink: .


This is more like real snow but nothing like the referenced 78 blizzard which dropped 27 inches in a day and a half complete with hurricane force wind gusts:

But, it’s all a matter of perspective, so enjoy!


Me too, in Paulding GA:

I’ve lived on Long Island most of my life, we would call this a “flurry.”


That’s about what we expect by the end of the day from updated forecasts. A real treat for somewhere that maybe gets an inch a year.

There is an inch and a half on the ground and three inches on my car.

And it is all dependent on perspective but I’m really enjoying this. I could watch it snow like this for hours.


Oh, I have. Once you’re out of school and actually need to drive through it to get to work, it loses a bit of its charm. It does look nice coming down though.


About three years ago I had to drive with two inches on the road. Was the first time I had ever driven in the snow and it was pretty interesting.


Snow’s not actually all that hard with experience. Mostly try to stay off the brakes and keep plenty of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Ice, on the other hand, is entirely different.

To this day, they still sell t-shirts commemorating the 78 blizzard: https://www.ebay.com/itm/I-Survived-the-Blizzard-of-78-T-shirt-Winter-Tee-/322359074415.


Oh yeah, was driving a manual 98 accord and it did not want to slide at all. People really don’t know how to slow down around here in snow so I saw a lot of people in ditches that day.


All of you should live in Cleveland with lake effect snows. A few years back the senior weatherman says flurries overnight no accumulation & we got 6" of flurries.
Cleveland can have all 4 seasons in a couple hours time frame. I have seen it drop from 72* to 18* overnight. Yes I was a kid when that happened in 76’-77’ camping with the Boy Scouts. Yep camping was over at that point & froze our blanks off too!

PS: learned to drive in snow. I am an expert driver for power slides and bumper rides


That’s not limited to Cleveland. I grew up in NewEngland, where the response to someone complaining about the weather is “Wait 5 minutes, it will change.”


Cleveland used to say that about the Browns but now we just say “2017 season RIP” or “OhOh 0-16 oh No”


The Patriots were once doormats. Now, we’re the evil empire. Winning’s better!


Brown’s Had to prove they suck on 2 continents when they went to England to lose. Now the snow in Pittsburgh don’t matter the Steelers are a all for one team gonna take the Superbowl


The Browns still suck. They squander every 1st pick they get. Every one is a bust. I am hoping they go for 0-16 !