Razer or Essential phone support?


I don’t see either the Razer Phone or Essential Phone on the Supported Phones list for BYOD?

Are these models gonna be added in the future?


Republic does not talk about what phones may or may not be supported until a phone is just about to be supported, this is for several reasons one being that OEM’s like to do announcements and not the carrier.
Both the razer and essential phones are small market shares and republic may be putting it’s resources to phones that have more mass appeal [like Samsung S9+ which was just added to the BYOD] Republic neefs to make sure the hardware and software of any phone on it’s network works with with it’s WiFi first VoIP with cell backup network, even if the current phone doesn’t have issues on Republic they still need a relationship with the OEM to make sure that future updates don’t break it, for this reason I’m not expecting these phones to be added [at least this gen of these phones]


You may also want to read this topic for a bit more background information. Essential Phone PH-1 from Andy Rubin



I would think that OEM thing would not apply to phones like Pixel and Essential…as they are Stock Android and do not have any deep OEM changes to the OS to worry about. The only issue being that both devices get the newest OS updates before all OEM branded phones do…so that may break things i guess. But that is the case will all Play and third party apps with those devices anyway.

The Essential phone is very appealing Stock Android device due to its low price now. It should be seriously considered and tested for use on R.W.

The Razer phone, yea, i can see that being a potential issue. The main draw to that device(for me) is the Audio experience and the display. It’s marketing is geared to mobile Gamers, however, that doesn’t negate the other aspects of its hardware.

“republic may be putting it’s resources to phones that have more mass appeal” well…tell that to iphone users then.,lol.


IPhone support has been on the horizon since late last year.


I believethey do have a relationship with Google for the pixel phones as no phone uses stock Android off the self as each hardware setup needs the correct interface to the stock build [there are several layers to an is build] we saw in the early Motorola days [getting the 1st Gen on the Moto X1] that even a near stock build can have issues [and that was not even the custom version republic used]
As for the iPhone Republic is on record that they are working on that [and have been for some time] but as for now their hybrid WiFi first hybrid VoIP with cell backup needs the APIs that Google has published in current versions of Android and apple has not in iOS, [though it looks like the Callkit may be the opening they need, starting with Rebuplic Anywhere, as their CEO said in a interview late last year they are looking at a iPhone centric item in 2018 [which would be in a rumour as it wasn’t an official press release]

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Piggybacking off this thread to say that I would looove to see the razer phone. Or the next essential phone. Or some phone from smaller Android manufacturers. Hint hint. Nudge nudge.:wink:

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