RCS feature: Texting Phone to Phone Problems

Why don’t you just send out a notice to all to disable RCS Chat features so no one has this problem? I have spent hours on this! The help ticket made me do unnecessary fixes and I wasted time until finally The Company told me to disable RCS Chat. I could have fixed the problem before it started.


I don’t see anything that explains what the problem is it why exactly I should disable RCS…

Hi @eleanorw,

Republic explains in this Help Center article:

That said, if RCS is not broken for you, there is no need to “fix” it.

Hi @hughc,

Thanks for the feedback. Since we can’t see what messaging app our users are using, we don’t have a way to know who may have RCS enabled in order to proactively encourage users to disable it.

We’re also not always able to know exactly what issue will arise because it is enabled and automatically make that connection. Our Help Teams must troubleshoot at length sometimes to finally get to a solution.

I’ve reviewed your Help Ticket and I do see some opportunities for improvement, so I’ll work with the teams involved to make sure everyone is informed and so we can troubleshoot more efficiently.

Well. I never had trouble with RCS before but now I seem to be. My wife keeps getting messages that there is a message from me and she had to click to download it. Bummer.

But when I try to turn it off, I can’t do it from the app. It sends me to a website page and after I verify it says I can’t turn it off from this device and to contact my carrier.

Probably because I turned it on from an old phone that has been wiped and discarded.

Can Republic help?

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