Re activate old phone

I have a moto g power phone that will be out of service for about a week. I would like to reactivate my Republic moto g 3. Need guidance.

Hi @cesared ,

Before providing the requested guidance, may we know if you are paying for service on the Moto G Power monthly or annually?


Hi @cesared,

Thank you the reason for the question is your old Moto G3 cannot use the My Choice plan required by your Moto G Power. If you were paying for service on the Moto G Power annually, you would have needed assistance from Republic staff.

However, since you are paying monthly, this is something you may do yourself as described by Republic here:

You will temporarily return to Republic’s grandfathered refund plans for the period of time you need to use the Moto G3. Republic will prorate both your current My Choice plan and the refund plan required for use on the Moto G3. Your bill cycle date will not change and you will not be paying for two plans simultaneously.

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