RE-activating phone number

What phone do you have? Moto G Power

What plan are you on? Data/talk/text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes all 3
Approximately four (4) days ago I attempted to move my service to a different provider to take advantage of military discount. This ‘porting’ process was never completed. I then went to AT&T to start service, however my phone number is now “dead” and AT&T is unable to complete the porting process.
How do I re-activate my phone number? I still have my Republic SIM card which I was told is still good for 20 days.
Thanks for all your help

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It would depend on where it was in the porting process when it failed. You would need to Open a Ticket … apprise them of when you initiated the process to port to which carrier, any errors that you were made aware of.

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Hi @tylere and welcome to the Community!

Is the “different provider” initially referenced AT&T or someone else? If someone else, it’s entirely possible the first port is still in process. If that’s the case, AT&T (or anyone else) would indeed not be able to initiate another port.

How do you experience dead? What, if anything, happens when you call your number?

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How long does porting normally take?

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Hi @tylere,

For reasons mentioned in the article I wrote and @jben linked, typically 3 business days but it can be longer. Further, the timing is generally the domain of the gaining provider. Republic simply verifies the account number and PIN you provide the new provider (intended to confirm number ownership), then releases the number on the date requested by the gaining provider.

What, if anything, has that gaining provider told you? Did they specifically say Republic rejected the port?

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Hi @tylere,

It’s a little hard to follow what you’re trying to do, but I’ve reviewed the questions you’ve asked both here, in our chat, and in our Ask-An-Expert feature, and if I understand correctly, you began porting your number to another company, then instead decided to start service with AT&T. You now want to bring your number back to Republic so you can transfer it to AT&T instead. Is that correct?

If I have understood that correctly, and if you never established service with that other company, then there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do on the phone or in your account to re-establish service with Republic with the old number. It is now owned by that other company.

There’s a chance our porting specialists might be able to pull that number back from the other company. You’d need a help ticket in order to begin that conversation with the Help Team and get it escalated to a porting specialist. I see that you’ve opened chats and Expert messages and this Community topic, but I don’t see any Help Tickets on the matter. Do you know how to open a Help Ticket, or would you like me to open one for you get that process underway?

And if I haven’t completely followed where your number went and what you’re hoping to accomplish, please let me know.

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Hello -

Yes, I tried to switch to a new service, but due to the length of time it was taking, getting a service cancellation notice from Republic and not having a working phone, I went to my local AT&T store to start the process to be able to call /text.

In following up today with the initial transferee, I was told Republic rejected the port request due to PIN mismatch, therefore my number is still the same with Republic, but my service needed to be re-started.

Upon this information, I re- started my Republic service, but was assigned a different number.

I would greatly appreciate opening a help ticket in order to recover my number and line.

Thanks @tylere,

I’ve opened a ticket on your behalf. Please let me know if you did not receive my message in your e-mail.

Thank you again -

Do you have an idea of when I can expect a response?

Hi @tylere,

I’m sorry, I had to go offline to get to an urgent appointment, but I’ve looked in on your ticket and see that the process is already underway and you’ve been working with one of our porting specialists. I know it’s very difficult to just do nothing when your number is in limbo, but at this point, it will be best to let that team undertake their legendary heroic measures without any further activity that may complicate the situation even more. You are in very good hands.


Sounds great - I appreciate all your help


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