RE: Google Pixel 4a 5G is now supported for BYOP

I was about to pull the trigger on the Moto Ace 5g and noticed it may only get Android 11, so I started looking at the Pixel 4a 5g harder. I noticed in several posts that G025E is the only version supported?
The Pixel 4a 5g phone is on sale on Amazon right now for $450 in black or white:
The Product codes are GA02294-US for the white one, and GA02293-US for the black one.
Are these phones allowed on the R.W. service? Can they be initialized with a CDMA SIM if the GSM does not work for my spouse? Thanks again!

Hi @muerte33,

I moved your question to our Questions and Answers category, in the hopes that someone who had purchased the phone from Amazon might be able to confirm compatibility, because I wasn’t immediately available to study the model numbers.

On our BYOP page, we include the Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN) GA02293-US as a compatible model.
Everything I’m seeing online suggests that the MPN GA02294-US is the same US factory unlocked phone, just in white. I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is the case, though.

Since no one has chimed in, I’m hoping you have a preference for the black version. :grinning:


Thanks very much Southpaw!
I ordered two SIM cards from the R.W. store first.
I then bought the black 4a/5g Pixel on sale at Amazon (tried to buy quantity 2, but was denied).
I bought the second one from the Google Store (costed a little more).
The Amazon phone has already arrived, but I am still waiting on the SIM cards.
I will try to hook up my spouse’s phone with a GSM SIM first, and see if the coverage improved in the last 2 years. If not, I will have to order her a CDMA SIM (like she already has in the Moto X4).

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