Re: I can't "Wipe cache partition" on Moto X 1st. gen. 64mb

Thank you Rolandh. I followed those instructions to a tee. I can’t get past the little green Android guy, no how many times I attempt to do so. As far as about phone, Android version, it’s Kitkat 4.4.4

Hi @lp.7llx7h

It sounds like @rolandh was trying to help you with something but you created a new discussion rather than replying back to him.

There are a couple of resources for clearing the cache.

Republic Wireless has this document:Clearing the Cache (KitKat 4.4.4)

While Motorola has this document: Clear the Cache Partition - Moto X 1st Generation

When you get to the Android guy with the exclamation point, you are half way there. The confusing part is that they may or may not have updated method to get past that. You should try pressing and holding power and pressing volume up and if that doesn’t work, you can press and hold volume up and pressing power.

Please continue this in it’s question thread

I can’t “Wipe cache partition” on Moto X 1st. gen. 64mb

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