Reached my 1GB data limit, but now texts don't work


I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for about 3 years now, love the service, but recently ran into a problem I’m unsure how to fix. This is the first time since getting on the 1GB data plan where I’ve hit my limit (6 days until my billing cycle changes), but it was at a bad time while travelling for work. Now I can’t send or receive text messages (regular or MMS) and I see an exclamation by the signal level. I do notice a warning saying Cellular data limit reached, data paused for rest of cycle. When I click the warning it says Because your set data limit was reached, the device has paused data usage for the remainder of this cycle. Resuming may lead to charges from your carrier. Then there’s an option for RESUME or OK. I’ve just been hitting OK, which must be like cancel, since I don’t want to pay for more data.

Do I need to hit RESUME to allow text messages to work? If I do that, will my data still be capped at 1GB (which is what I want…I don’t want to pay for more data, but I want my text messages to work again)? I don’t know if the hard cap is enforced for me by the Republic App, the phone, the carrier, or what.

I’m headed out to see a concert tonight and meeting people, so hoping to get an answer by this evening :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!



Hi @michaelb.cscvlw

You don’t mention what kind of phone it is, so my directions to this setting may vary on your phone, but it sounds like you have set the cellular data warning in Android Settings, and that feature is now cutting off data access for our text messages.

Please go to the Android Settings app and tap Data usage.
Tap Cellular data usage
Tap the settings gear at top right.
Tap Data warning and set it to something beyond your actual paid limit, and tap "Set"
Make sure “Set data limit” is turned off.

What concert are you going? (Don’t answer that if you feel it would violate wise internet safety concerns, since it would tell the world exactly where you’ll be and when.)


Thanks, turning off the Android data limit fixed the problem. I just wasn’t sure if the warning about possibly having more charges from the carrier was going raise my bill, or if the true limit is still controlled via Republic regardless of what my phone settings are. By the way, the phone is a Mota G4 Play.

Going out to see New Found Glory tonight in Milwaukee…it’s been a good 10 years since I’ve seen them (first time was in 2000). All this reminds me of is I’m getting old :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!



That’s a great point! The Android warning about using data beyond your limit is a generic warning. Your Republic Wireless service continues to use data for call set-up and texting - that’s built into the portion of your bill that you pay for unlimited calling and texting, but your data use for things like browsing the internet or streaming music will stop when you hit your limit. We don’t charge overages.

I am not familiar with New Found Glory. Taking a listen now.
Don’t worry about getting old, as long as you’re enjoying the ride. :slight_smile:


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