Reactivate old republic phone

Can I reactivate an old Republic Wireless phone (Moto E 2nd generation) with a new number? A family member took the number and changed providers, but I would like my son to use this older model phone with Republic Wireless service.

this can be done by simply going though the activation steps in the Republic app on the Phone
you will be ask to log in and one can select a new line,
Note the new line will be on the 2.0 Republic Refund plan

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Thanks for your contact. I love the low Republic Wireless bill, but not having a person to talk to with specific questions is difficult. That’s why my mother transferred companies. So I’m so glad I got a person. Hope you are well physically and mentally, despite the stress of this virus.

I will try what you suggested. However, I tried before and the phone asked for a phone number, which I do not have for him (my son). What do I type at that point? Also, would my son be considered a new customer? So would I type in his info, not mine?

Thanks for following up with me beyond the general article.


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Hello Maria,

your posted this on a public forum (and a pretty active one at that) so it not so uncommon to get answer here (I will note I’m a fellow customer and not an employee of Republic) (and so far myself and my family are well in this virus environment)

as for the phone number it just for an alternate way to contact the user if needed (it highly unlikely) I would use either a landline (if you have one) or a parents phone number

as for if he’s a new customer this is only the case if he(or you in his name) creating a new account, if you are adding him to a existing account the account holder is the customer and they are just adding a line to be used by him (note if they are a minor it may legally need to be set up in a parents (guardian’s) name )

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Hi @maria,

I’m very sorry to learn this has been a concern for you.

Republic Wireless has a dedicated Help Team staffed all day, every day to assist our members. While our support begins online by chat or ticket, you can be assured that you are working with live, real people every step of the way. If getting help online is problematic for you, you can always let the team know you prefer to work by phone.

In this case, you haven’t contacted the Help Team. You’ve written your question in our Member Community where other members, like @drm186, who understand our phones, our service, and our policies, are happy to come alongside and help their fellow members whenever possible.

Activating one of our older phones does not typically require staff assistance. It’s meant to be done by the member, in the app on the phone. Asking your question in our Member Community is completely appropriate in this case, because there’s no work the Help Team needs to do on their side to get things going for you. However, if you find you’d rather have a staff member answer your questions, you can always open a ticket.

I think as @drm186 mentioned, in order to make sure we’re guiding you through the process appropriately, we’d need to understand whether you want to activate your son’s phone on your own account or on his own separate account.

  • Putting him on your account means that his service fee will be added to your monthly statement and you’ll be billed for his phone along with yours, on the same date. It also makes you the account owner, so if you need to get help for his phone, our Help Team would need to talk to you rather than him.
  • Putting him on his own account means his service fee will be billed separately form yours, likely on a separate date. It also means he would be the account owner and if he needed help with his phone, our Help Team would need to talk to him. Minor children should not have their own account.

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