Reactivating a gsm sim


I’m trying to find out if I can reactivate a gsm sim that is no longer being used. It was first activated with a new BYOP that was switched over to a CDMA sim. I’m looking at getting a new phone BYOP that I would want to activate with a different number/account than what the current gsm sim was activated with. Is this possible or do I have to order a new sim card?


It is possible, but only if the GSM SIM has been deactivated less than 20 days. Once deactivated for 20 days it can no longer be used and your would need a new SIM.




If I received a GSM SIM card several months ago and never used it to activate a phone can I still use it to activate a new phone or does it have to be used within a certain time?


As long as it has never been activated, it is good for years.


Cool, thanks. My son ended up with 2 when he ordered one the same day I did and now I need one for my daughters new phone. I assume there still isn’t a way to request a CDMA SIM for this phone before I activate it with the GSM SIM. It would be really nice to have them at the same time.


Here’s how to request a CDMA SIM card
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