Reactivating a phone

I have an older Moto G 1st gen that I cancelled some time back. I would like to re-activate this for my son. What are the steps to do this, and are the older phone plans available? I just want voice and text, no data. Thanks.

Hi @heathp.gqnr2f,

Best practice would be to start fresh with a Factory Reset. Post reset, it’s a matter of following on screen prompts to Activate My Phone. The phone will activate on these plans: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund.

So there is no option to use one of the older plans even with an older phone? Thanks for the help.

If by older plans, you mean the grandfathered 1.0 plan structure, some of which offered “unlimited cell data” the answer is no. That said, the $10 Base Plan described in the document previously linked is talk and text only for the same price as the talk and text only plan on the older 1.0 plans. Functionally, the 1.0 and 2.0 $10 plans are the same.

1.0 is only for the line currently active with 1.0 (and has been that way since July 2015)

if the phone is replacing a line on 1.0 it can maintain that 1.0 plan

all new line with old legacy phones are 2.0

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