Reactivating old phone while new phone is repaired

I upgraded from moto g 1st gen to the moto g plus 4th gen and promptly broke the phone so it is inoperable. I would like to switch back to the 1st gen while the new phone is being repaired. How can I do this?

You can do this, but be aware, this will deactivate your Moto G Plus SIM card, and you will need to open a help ticket to get a new one.

You can reactive your Moto G 1st Gen following these steps:

Activate My Phone

To transfer your phone number over to this phone, choose Replace an Existing Line when presented that choice during your Republic activation. (This comes after the Google activation).

After you get your Moto G Plus back, open a help ticket and let them know that your SIM card was deactivated because of a phone repair and that you need a new SIM .

Hi @sandras.fc14uu!

First off, if you have service on your G4 Plus on Republic’s CDMA provider, I highly recommend not activating the other phone without contacting Republic Help first. please open a ticket prior to activating the G1 and and explain your situation. If you have service with Republic’s GSM provider, you can do it by opening the republic app on the Moto G 1st gen, signing in , and following the prompts. It will give you an option to move the number over. However, keep in mind that you will have to buy a new SIM card if the G4 plus is deactivated. Hope that helps!


Thank you for the rapid replies. Very much appreciated!

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