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I am having a moto x pure that was purchased by me from RW repaired. When I dropped it I purchased a g4 and activated that. Since the moto x still has it’s original rw sim in it do I need to purchase another sim or can I just activate it once repaired? Both were on the 3.0 plan.


Hi @cb1!

It sounds like the Moto X Pure was deactivated and you used a new SIM with the G4. Is that correct? If so, you will not be able to reactivate the SIM in the Moto X Pure. You will have to purchase a new one. I realize this is very inconvenient, but the problem is deeper then just Republic not wanting to reactivate the SIM. If they could, they would definitely do so :wink: . I hope that helps!



once deactivated a republic SIM can only be reactivated within 20 days then it becomes a piece of trash
if your Moto G4 SIM is a GSM SIM it can just be moved from the Moto G4 and put in the Moto Pure
to tell if your phone is CDMA or GSM please look at step 6 in this post


Yes they are both GSM phones. So just to be sure, Once the x is fixed I can move the sim from my g4 and everything will be good to go,same phone number,account,discount,etc. Correct?
And then I can order a new gsm sim for the g4 and sign up a new number for my wife, it’s that simple?

Thanks so much


Yes you can.


So I am getting the z play from RW and have been told by sales that I can activate the play with my number and then activate the old g4 to get a new line for my wife with the sim that is already installed. I want to do a factory reset on the old phone. Should I do that before activation of the new line or after? BTW the old phone is encrypted, don’t know if that is a factor.


Hi @cb1

Activating and moving phone numbers happens at the service level in Republic’s servers so you don’t need to worry about encryption or resets when dealing with activating new phones. A reset really helps the phone start off as clean to get rid of any of your personal information and data.

Once you get your new Moto Z Play, you can download the Republic Wireless app, log in, and choose to move your number over to the new phone.

When that happens, the old Moto G4 will deactivate. At this point, you want to make sure you have everything you want saved and backed up. A factory reset helps erase any of your data so your wife can customize it to herself.

You can do the same on that phone, downloading and going into the Republic Wireless app, signing in and signing up for a new line.


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