Reactivation problem


What phone do you have? Moto x
What plan are you on? refund
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Data, talk and text

Issue Description

My credit card denied the republic wireless charge and I was dropped as a republic customer. I changed credit cards on my account and paid the balance and now it won’t let me reactivate my phone. Can someone reset my account or fix this? Is my phone number still mine or has it been released? I’m very unhappy I was dropped without being contacted by republic, despite the fact they claimed to have contacted me. I got no message, why wasn’t I texted??? Also, there is actually no problem with the old credit card, so I don’t have any clue how this happened. Anyway, any help in reactivating my phone and keeping my phone number would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

The Community won’t be able to answer questions specific to your account, E-mails not received, or credit card expirations. I’ll see if you have a support ticket for those matters.

Can you describe what “now it won’t let me reactivate my phone” looks like? Is there a specific error message you’re seeing?


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

Our billing team has taken a look at your account. Could you please try re-activating the phone again now.

I don’t see a support ticket from you. Would you like me to create one so we can work on restoring your phone number once you have the phone activated?


Yes!!! I will be very upset if I lose that number!!! So my home tells me to activate the account but when I try it fails and says my account balance is due. Please do anything you can to save my phone number!!! I am at work now, so I am responding whenever I can. Thanks


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

I’ve opened a ticket on your behalf and replied to you there. It can be accessed by signing in at


My phone is finally activated again and seems to be working. Except my phone number has changed. Could you please change my number back to (redacted) asap please??


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

I’ve removed the phone number from public view, and am working to restore the number now.


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

I’ve restored the number. Please reboot the phone and let me know if everything seems to be working correctly.


Hi Southpaw.
While I’ve never had a problem with my account or CC, I can see how this would be frustrating… Suggestion: how about Republic letting us store 2 credit cards with the account. That way if the primary card is rejected for some reason (sometimes out of our control, as a fraud precaution) the alternate is used.


Everything seems to be back to normal… Thanks you so much! Out of curiosity, how did Republic try to contact me to let me know my account was overdue? Nobody ever texted or called me to my knowledge. I don’t use email, so I would like to change my preferred method of contact to be a text and then a phone call if this ever happens again? I almost left Republic over closing my account and releasing my phone number before I was ever reached.


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

We send E-mail to the E-mail address on file as the account owner address at multiple stages during the process, including when the account goes into suspension, during the grace period, and then when it cancels.

For everyone who would like us to reach out more aggressively, there are countless people who would think we were harassing them if we were to start calling and texting about past-due accounts.

At this time we are not set up for calling and texting in this scenario, but I will certainly pass your feedback along. I’m very glad we were able to help, and you didn’t leave. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get this straightened out.


After that response, I will probably still choose to leave. I do not want to ever lose my phone number. One of the other main reasons I am choosing to leave is because Republic did away with the refund plans. That is why I joined and that is what made Republic so great! I was shocked to learn that the refund plans no longer exist on newer phones. If you bring that back and make an option for each customer to choose how to be contacted by Republic, I will rejoin in a heartbeat. I am not sending this msg to just complain, I am hoping it will help Republic be great again. They got away from their bread and butter when they took away the refund plans. Republic was one of my favorite companies I do business with! i wish Republic the best of luck in the future… It was nice while it lasted! I can only hope you are making the right business decisions for the company, because it is the wrong decisions for this particular customer.


@kens.lou7vc, if you don’t mind answering, what phone company are you going to go with that allows you to do your suggestion of storing 2 credit cards on your account?


I have never had another phone company release my number. That is an unacceptable solution. I have also never had another company have problems charging my credit card which is in perfect financial standing. I understand they need to deactivate phone if I’m not paying the bill… But whoever restored my phone stated that she hid my number from public view… If this can be done, my number should be hidden from public view when my account was deactivated. Not released to the public. Do you have any idea how much work would be involved for me to tell everyone on my contact list that I changed phone numbers?


It’s 2018 answer your email on your Phone!


I’ve had my same phone number now since 2011; I’m assuming you have had your number for a long time, too, potentially longer than me. It definitely would be a disappointment for me if I lost my number.

However, if I ever happen to have a problem with billing for whatever reason, based on the varied responses of customer support in this community, I want that problem to be with Republic Wireless because I believe they will strive to do the best they can to resolve my issue. They’ve earned my trust in that regard in over the 3 years that I’ve been a customer with them.


Or how about when someone’s account is deactivated, their phone number is kept from public view? Imagine my situation from my point of view - phone was cancelled without warning and my number not protected. Also, if most people, as Southpaw stated earlier, would not appreciate a text or call about their account… I’m pretty sure they would appreciate one after several unanswered emails as a last warning before their phone was cancelled


The reason I don’t use email is because it is 2018! Get with the times… Did you know you can directly text people and send files these days? Thanks but unproductive comments are best kept to yourself.


Hi @kens.lou7vc,

Please allow me to clear up any confusion.

This afternoon when you were explaining your situation and I was helping, you re-activated your phone and then you posted in our publicly-visible online forum, a request that I restore you number to your phone. In that request, you provided the phone number.

That publicly visible post is in this same thread to which I am now replying, visible here. I quickly edited your post to remove the phone number from it, so others visiting this forum would not see your phone number.

I’m very sorry my wording made you think I had done something related to your de-activation. I meant only that I had edited the publicly-visible post where you had provided your number.

As for the rest of the experience, when a service line is cancelled, the phone number typically goes through an aging process where it is not available to be assigned to a different line for some period of time. In most markets we can usually retrieve the number for at least 20 days after cancellation, however in some markets where available phone numbers are in short supply, we have seen them be re-assigned more quickly. We do understand how disruptive it is when a phone number is lost.

Again, I will definitely pass along your suggestion that contacting a member by text message when their balance is overdue would be most helpful.

If text messaging our members is not an option, would you have noticed a notification from the Republic Wireless app? Would that seem to be another possible option?


Did you know it is easier to hack into text even if the all securities involved are used. The hackers are probably working on it already.
Do you use Facebook Twitter or snapchat? Answer and i will tell you why I ask…
Let me explain here and now that the issue you caused yourself is from not checking a email. Would it hurt to have a phone providers emails come to your phone to see what’s going on with your account.
Not everyone texts & older landines can’t text so a little birdie is telling me not everyone is getting all their messages. could this be like you?
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