Ready for new phones ... maybe not Moto's?

Here is a video showing what i am talking about


Got it. Since I already have a new sim card coming, just use it? Is there any saved information on the old sim card, or is a sim card simply allowing a phone to be used with the provider?
Thank you

you can save contacts to a sim but that is really an old way of doing it. Now with the cloud it isnt neccesary. A sim is just used to register the phone on the network, it is an id card. Either is fine just less steps to swap vs registering the new one.

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Thank you, I always need less steps, maybe will try to take out of old phone?
Thanks again.

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Hi @toddl.67uhcl,

I hope your wife will enjoy her new phone! Which phone did you decide on for her? (Sorry if I’ve missed that!) Did you get a case for her phone?

Something you wrote in one of your posts caught my attention:

If you were trying to use the hotel’s WiFi, the issue is not your carrier. We don’t do anything that would prevent your phone from connecting to WiFi. If you were trying to use cellular data, then yes, it may have been related to the cellular signal and its availability within the hotel. If you continue to have connectivity issues on cell, I hope you’ll ask our coverage team to help you evaluate your coverage. It’s possible a different SIM card moving you to Sprint’s network rather than T-Mobile’s would be helpful in the short term.

When you get the new phone, if you decide to use the new SIM card you purchased rather than moving the SIM card from your old phone, please just be extra careful to make sure you sign into the Republic app with your current Republic credentials, just like you sign into Community. Then, during the activation process, you’ll see the option to move your wife’s number to the new phone. You’d be amazed at how many people sign into the app with a completely different e-mail address and then expect the app to just somehow magically know which of our members’ phone numbers to move to their new phone. You have to be logged in as you for the app to know you’re moving a number from your account. I hope that makes sense.

As your wife starts using her new phone I hope she’ll let us know of any questions she may have. As you can see, there are lots of friendly people in our Member Community, willing to offer advice and assistance.

Also, I’d like to give a tremendous thank you to @mineakey, @iane, @daves.t3flsk, @samuelb.38bhgc (I hope you’re on the church facilities committee, not just setting the thermostats to your own preference!! :smile_cat:), @zipler, @JCHanania, @Paradox5280, @nathans.muyejm, @muerte33, @donnab, @cbwahlstrom and several of our Ambassadors and Experts for all chiming in on this conversation! I’ll be in touch with each of you I named by username about a little thank-you gift. :gift:

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I’ll expect my reward in either gold or silver bouillon up to you
Just fooling

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Have not heard from you in over a year, but have seen your name, getting her the moto stylus. Easiest for her, and I figure in a couple years will need to change to 5G, So for now go with the easy way for my wife and then if needed can upgrade.
The story in the Mirage was one of many I could tell. The Mirage is one of the top hotel casinos in the world. It has good wifi!!! It is a must, that’s all we need is to have a million dollar player stating he cannot connect to our wifi. In this story we were chatting in a public gaming area, he needed some information, I tried to look it up, No wifi for me, restarted phone, everything. He is right next to me and his cell was automatically connected. This happens when I am out in the open many times. Etc.,Etc. When the phone and sim come tomorrow will try to follow you installation instructions. The account is under my email (redacted), but I think I use her email on her phone (redacted)? My email is for billing so I guess that is the main one? So sign into RW using my id, email, and password and that shows the two phones and hers will go away. I am not sure what times the phones will be here tomorrow, but will you be around? If so how can I contact you to walk me through the initial set up. Last time it was just a couple minutes then everything kind of automatically did its own thing going to the new phone, as I remember no issues last time. But, would be good if you could be available to start things off? Or someone else of equal experience.
As I remember I think I can get the small poker and open both sim card doors to have that ready, unless something has changed. I could not pass up purchasing from Amazon, 45.00 less, I had 40.00 in rewards and gift cards, free two day shipping, and a 12.00 phone holder. We can check when it is received to make sure it is the correct model to work with RW. Thanks

Hi @toddl.67uhcl,

Although you may be seeing replies in your e-mail, and you may be replying by e-mail, keep in mind that this conversation is taking place in the publicly-visible topic you started in Community, so we don’t want to get into too much personal detail.

:confused: Did you mean me? I replied in this topic 23 days ago.

Ok, so you did go with another Moto. I thought the Community had nearly swayed you toward a Pixel! Did you order her a case for the phone? (Maybe this is what you mean by “a 12.00 phone holder”?) I am asking because the Community Treasure Chest does contain a Speck Presidio Lite case for the Moto G Stylus that I’d be glad to send you at no charge. (Sorry, the only bouillon I have available is the beef variety.)

Almost… you’ll sign into the Republic app on the new phone with your Republic account credentials, the same that you used to sign into Community, and it will show you both phone numbers and you’ll select the option to “move” her number to the new phone. I’m not sure what you meant by “hers will go away” but maybe that’s it.

You don’t need me specifically to be available. As you’ve already seen in this conversation, there are lots of friendly, helpful members in our Community. If you come to any confusing matters while activating her phone, just reply in your existing topic, or start a new one with the specific question, and I’m sure someone will be able to help you. As you remember from a previous experience, the Republic app really walks you right through it, so you will be fine.

Congrats on getting a great deal on Amazon!

I understand, but the amount of money floating around a place doesn’t have anything to do with your phone’s programmed ability to log into a network.

Restarting the phone is not going to force the phone to connect to a WiFi network. You do have to take some steps to select the network and accept the terms of the captive portal, sometimes even signing in with a password.

If his phone was an Android and was “automatically connected,” then he had connected previously and the phone had saved the network to his “remembered” networks so he could connect again later. It’s also possible that one of the perks of his status was connectivity to an available network that you didn’t have access to. Again, Republic Wireless does nothing to the phones to make them not connect to WiFi - we want you to use WiFi whenever possible.

No matter how many new phones you buy, no matter what brand, no matter what carrier you use, no matter how much you pay, this is going to remain true for Android phones - unless you’re using a special app that signs you into participating networks or something like Google’s Orion WiFi which hopes to make seamless connectivity to WiFi networks possible, a project Republic is involved in with the hopes of bringing this to our members.

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Got it, thank you Southpaw. With everything new every month or so, just wanted to get her a new phone, besides being older it started stating out of space cannot work properly. I think this happened as we added several security and home automation apps, alexa, ring, myq, insteon, and one or two more. My next phone will probably be a 5g? And, you stated you are working with google’s wifi, I can wait for that. If her new Stylus is even marginally better, will update my phone and hers again in the near future.
So to shorten when new phone arrives:
Install new or old sim card
Down load RW app on new phone
Log into RW with my credentials and add new, her, phone and keep same phone number.

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I think you’ve got it! Just have this handy when you get started:

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Printed it out and will keep link. Don’t want to take a chance on her loosing her information, apps and most importantly phone number.
If I have an issue will ask new question.

For Me it is still best to have someone talk me through, or communicate in real time for just a few minutes?

as long as her old phone isnt reset, you can always do another transfer or grab some missing info.

Got the new phone, and sim card. Was thinking of keeping the old sim card in the old phone, and the new sim in new phone, in case there is a need to retrieve any information from old phone?
But, I see if using old sim card into new phone, no need to address keeping same phone number?

The old phone will work without a sim for use on wifi but no calling or texting. If you do that you will want to transfer the old number to the new one or you will add a new line to your account. If you put the old sim in new phone the number will transfer.

With some live chat help think got through most everything. Used new sim card and new phone seems to be working, I just tried calling her number and the new phone rang.
I just logged into my account on RW and does not show her new phone, does that take sometime?
Thanks perhaps coming to an end?

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I’ve notices it only shows my phone in my account when the phone came from republic. Anytime I BYOD(bring your own device) it says supported phoneScreenshot_20210107-182210

Maybe I misinterpreted that. Does it not show her phone type or you only see one phone?

Yep, I am used to seeing phone type for along time. As you say maybe because purchased outside of RW? Just trying to make the transfer is completed.

yeah they dont list phones not bought from them. It has no bearing on service. If you can send and receive calls and texts then you are good to go! :slight_smile:

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