REALLY what else can go wrong with stupid smart phones


What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

moto g5+

Issue Description



Let’s start by seeing if her contacts are here:

To see them you will have to be logged into her Google account


Just got your message. Wow now they want to install an UPGRADE. Thanks for your help but I get soo fed up with changes to the phone that we neither want nor need.


WHY not. It comes to a screen that says “Contacts has a clean new look” Dont these fools think to ask if I like the old dirty look? Please advise


Dan, Keeping your phone up-to-date is important. Not because of a new look being better or worse than an old look but because these updates help maintain functionality, fix bugs and patch security holes.

I don’t say this often, but are you sure that Republic is the right carrier for you? It seems that you are intensely uncomfortable with smart phones. There are plenty of other carriers that will allow you to get service with a flip-phone or other such device.


Thank you for the insight. I really think some one needs to learn how to program. Republic is a good company but these phones are lame. WHY can they make the phone stable? RIGHT not though all her data is gone through no fault of here own as far as I can tell. I respect what you say but the horses are out of the barn and changing would only bring more heart ache. I MUST get her contacts back. If these phone manufacturers wanted more business they would make their phones simple and stable Thanks again but please advise should I say GOT IT on the contact upgrade. Thanks


Republic neither makes, nor programs your phone. The manufacturer of the phone is solely responsible for both the hardware and software.

We’re honestly trying to help, but you need to work with us. It was asked above, if you go to and sign-in with her Google account, do you see the contacts there?


Thank you. Republic is not at fault at all here. They are at the mercy of these manufacturers also. I am at the sight but it wants to know if I want to Contacts to have a clean new look. I did not want to advance with out your say so.


You should move forward in to the contacts page, you have no choice but click through the guide to the changes to get there.


No contacts. and it appears she is logged in


In the left hand column do you say the word “More”? If so, click it. When you do some other options should appear. At that point do you see “Undo Changes”? Again, if yes, click it and select “A Week”. Allow the process to complete. Does this bring back her contacts?


I am going back one week?


The contacts disappeared in the last week, correct? You can go back using any of the choices, but you want to select a choice that is from before the contacts disappeared.


This happened yesterday.


Then you can try using the “Custom” option and going back 2 days instead.


Got it want me to proceed?


This is on the google account not on the phone.


Yes, correct, on the Google account.


It now says Main Menu at the top left of the page. no contacts yet at the bottom


If going back two days hasn’t caused the contacts to come back, then it appears they were never synced with Google in the first place. At this point, I’ve run out of ideas. Hopefully someone with a better idea will come along to provide assistance.