REALLY what else can go wrong with stupid smart phones


What? HOW in the world would one possibly know all this. You have been very grateful and I thank you. Why would the phone not automatically sync. Oh boy. COULD the contacts be on the phone then and if so can they be recovered and why were they lost?


has there been any other email (Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo) link to the phone? or any social Media apps (Facebook) that may have had the contacts synced to?

by default when a Google Account (email) is linked to the phone the Contacts should be synced to that account but some people don’t like Google (or anybody) tracking then so they turn that off which can be done in account settings on the phone)


Probably Yahoo and face book. Sheesh. I will need to leave now because of a drs appt thanks will get back


one can see if the contact are in the yahoo account on line (I don’t have links as I no longer have a yahoo account (I removed may when Verizon bought Yahoo and I want nothing to do with them) but If I recall correctly you go the the main yahoo page then click the mail icon, login and their should be a link to contacts.
to check if yahoo mail is syncing contact to the phone see this yahoo help article

as for Facebook I seam to recall it has a sync option in it’s setting (I don’t currently use the main Facebook app but use Facebook lite app as the main app was a resource hog and buggy when I was using it)
here an article that shows how to sync Facebook contacts

hope this helps in recovering your contacts.


I have the email syncing but non of the phone contacts or history is there

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Hi @danw.bk7f2z,

It’s been about a week since we last heard from you about your wife’s contacts. Were you able to recover them?

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