Reboot Fixed: Message "Cellular network not available for voice calls." ... when making a call

What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
I have Moto x phone.
Not sure which plan I am on
Includes data

Issue Description

I am getting a message when trying to make a phone call.
"Cellular network not available for voice calls."
Is there a setting on the phone which I need to change? I have been using the phone on a regular basis but today that message came and I could not make any phone calls.

A suggested path to head down

  • Does it now work (1st step was to force a reboot and eliminate 3rd party apps)
    • Note … as you didn’t say which Moto X you have the Republic Doc should let you know if the RW app will still function while in Safe Mod
  • If it works ok in Safe Mode, then Power off and ReBoot to Normal
    • If it continues to work ok, the the Reboot was probably the fix
  • If the above didn’t fix the problem, bring up the RW App and post back what plan your on and which phone you have

I shut the phone off and restarted and that fixed the issue. Thanks


Good it’s working … what kind of phone is it?

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It is a MOTO X pure edition

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