Receive texts from banks, E-mail, and other Internet sources


If you have any phone other than the Defy XT, starting with Republic Wireless app version 2.0.6, E-mails may be addressed to your phone and received as a text. Here’s how to enable the feature:

  1. Start the Republic app.
  2. Tap the settings-icon.png at the top right.
  3. Tap Advanced settings
  4. Swipe up and place a checkmark in Allow SMS messages from email.


As the screen snip above shows, your phone’s address for texts is <RepublicPhoneNumber> The body of the E-mail is the content of the text message; the subject line is not passed along. It is not possible to reply to these texts from the phone.

If a website requests your carrier name when signing up for text alerts, that company is most likely using E-mail to deliver the text. If they don’t list Republic Wireless as a carrier, please contact them and ask that Republic be added, and give them the information about the E-mail domain.

Note: Republic has very strong anti-spam measures that protect this delivery system from being abused, so if you find that E-mails aren’t being delivered to your phone, try sending the E-mail from a Gmail mailbox. If that gets through, it suggests that the sender whose texts don’t arrive needs to work on their compliance with E-mail anti-spam standards.


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Hi, I would like clarify one point that’s a bit unclear to me. As things currently stand with the Moto X, will incoming SMS to the RW number be received if they originate from a source using a short code?

The OP, carlh, suggests that this will work in point 3, where he writes “If an incoming text comes from a 5 or 6 digit ‘short code’ number, you won’t be able to reply to it.” However, I’ve read a number of other forum posts where people have indicated that neither incoming nor outgoing “short code” SMS will work.

If one cannot expect incoming “short code” SMS to work, just for my own edification, would anyone have a slightly more technical explanation of why? Just curious. :slight_smile:



I am able to receive SMS using my Google Voice number. Still can’t send though


This may be a work around. I was able to respond to a short code using Motorola Connect on my PC. It took a while to go through but it seems like it worked. You can see from the screen shot my first response from my phone didn’t go through but the second one, sent via Motorola Connect did.




Thanks for posting that. It means that some of the back-end support for short codes is up and running and we’re waiting for an updated RW app that lets the phone send these messages. Unfortunately, I still can’t get text messages on my RW number from Bank of America, which doesn’t list Republic among supported carriers. Hopefully RW or Bandwidth have somebody tasked with getting Republic added to the supported-carriers lists at major banks.


It is disappointing there is not a solution from Republic that addresses SMS messaging. At my work, they just started sending SMS messages from email to our cell phone numbers. I’m sure I’m not the only Republic user who needs this. Is anything planned by Republic to add this feature?


Hi @glennb.agsa51,

As of the July Product Recap, E-mail to SMS was still listed as a “larger scope item” that was “in Progress.”


According to @jben Email to SMS is being released starting today.

jben wrote:

It was released with the release of the Republic App that began rolling out on Google Play 9/15/2015. This is a staged/rolling update and the documentation on the function is currently in the review/release cycle


This process is not complete without being able to reply back to those messages that we receive. We need to vote this up: SMS to Email

The Think Tank idea that was Email to SMS has been removed for some odd reason. However, before it had been removed it had something like 427 thumbs up vote. I figure that’s the amount that we really need to have for the SMS to Email feature.