Received 1GB data that I did not request

I just got a notification on my phone that I had 1GB of data added. I did not request any data, got plenty still. I went to my account and looked at the billing, and it shows an invoice for the extra 1GB, but also shows a credit for the $5.00 charge, so $0.00 net charge. Not that I am complaining about free data, but it is disconcerting that it was added without my requesting it. Not sure what is going on, and certainly don’t want to pay for data that I did not request in the future.

Hi @gator73,

You will not be charged for unsolicited cell data in the future. The data added to your account is courtesy of Republic and intended as a holiday gift. By design, you should have received both email notification and notification on your phone. Might one or both of those have been overlooked? Email notifications are sometimes misdirected by overzealous filters to spam folders.


OK, never mind. I just got the email that I was randomly selected to receive an extra 1GB. The data updated before the email arrived. It’s all good. At least now, if someone else has this happen, there is a forum post to let them know what is going on.

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