Received more data but did not request it

I just received an email i got more I requested and I looked and see more is added to my account but I didn’t ask for any as I have plenty to last until next cycle.
What is up?

Does anyone have access to your phone other than you (and know your password)? If so they would be able to add data through the RW app.

I suggest creating a help ticket so that Republic staff know of your issue.

I just got an email saying my request for more data is filled and I didn’t request it. Can you find how this request was made, such as was it texted to the phone ?

I’m not Republic staff, you need to create a help ticket to get information like that.

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Look for an e-mail titled “Have a free GB of data, on us.” It may be in your spam folder. I received one of these earlier this month when I was about to run out of data. It was a nice gift from Republic Wireless.


Yes we have seen this occur for some folks, but it seems that @garyr.bnhgi3 didn’t request nor was he low on data, so it may be a error worth billing to look at

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I got on with chat and found out:

Alright, so I see that we’re giving you an extra 1GB when you get to 75% of your allottment
We’re doing this just to say thank you
We won’t be doing it forever, so enjoy it while you can! :o)

this is 2 gb I received free in the last 2 weeks, my sons phone got it instead he is the one that sucks up his data:) darn youtube


I was in the same boat this cycle as well, so question - if I don’t end up needing/using that extra free GB, will it not count against my account? Say, could that be banked for another billing cycle? I appreciate their gesture either way, just don’t want to “waste” a free GB, or be able to choose when to use it.

Hi @garenc

No. It will expire when your billing cycle renews.

Thanks Republic! I am grateful for the gift, as I knew nothing about it until it was a notification on my phone that I tried to swipe away but instead activated it. This only stinks because it was activated a couple of hours ago and the billing cycle renews tomorrow so all of it will go to waste since we can’t roll it over.

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