Received replacement phone from Motorolla. Now it is saying my SIM card isn't compatible

I purchased a Moto 4G last February. It recently became extremely buggy, and since it was still under warranty Motorolla sent me a new phone. Now the new phone is not recognizing my SIM card from the old phone (or vice versa), and the Rebublic app is saying the phone is not supported. I’m between a rock and a hard place here because I need to return my buggy phone to Motorolla in the next few days or they will start charging me. If I can’t get a new phone and continue to use my old service it renders the phone warranty useless. Is there a way to bypass this issue?

Hi @randalls.1t4ehw. I can help you with that. I’ll need to send you a replacement SIM card and some instructions, but please do not get rid of the SIM card from the old phone, because you’ll need that one, too!

I’ll DM you to confirm some specifics.


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