Receiving and Making Calls while on European wifi

If I am in Europe and my phone is connected to wifi (in a hotel or cafe), can I make calls to a US number by dialing just as if I were on a US wifi network, or do I need a country code of some sort? And if I am connected to a European wifi network, can someone in the US call me just by dialing my US number, or do they need some sort of country code?

Works just as it does at home … calling to/from US & Canada numbers via open WiFi.

For a complete discussion on International Travel with a Republic Phone a blog by fellow Ambassador @rolandh

I have done quite a bit of traveling outside the US, and while on WiFi I am able to call US numbers like I am sitting at home. Make sure when you leave that you put your phone in Airplane mode, and then specifically enable WiFi. Also, just a suggestion - get a cheap unlocked GSM phone (UMI Touch is a good one) for traveling abroad. You should be able to pick up a “tourist” SIM on the cheap, and have data out and about (google maps and such).

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